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A friend of mine and me were rambling about making custom dice and how.

Of course one could also make proxies but that is not our main goal.

We are planning to do not just only custom alternate art cards as prices but also dice.

Like glowing in the dark, see through and so on.


For this I first created a JAVA programm that creates a sticker page from a config file.


And than I programmed this little website:




with it you can build your own custom destiny dice stickers.

When using a art pic not 213 by 213 px the cropping feature starts.

than just choose the symbols, backgrounds and so on (I did not implement all rules regarding this on purpose, because it would have been even more time and I think someone using this knows what he is doing (: )


than hit the button and save the resulting picture with rightclick, print it out, stance, stick, done.


blank dice can be found in matching colours with a little bit of google searching.


and yes a custom card generator is planned but way way more complitcated (for example also with die sides but at 2 different places possible and so on) but maybe early 2017 it will be functional.


feel free and tinker around.



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Brilliant!  Thanks for sharing!



I'm going to get some 22mm dice from a store and use this site to make myself some custom dice!  


Question: How can I take the resulting image and make sure that it prints at the proper size?  Any help you can offer here would be great.  Thanks!

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On 08/04/2017 at 3:09 AM, Conviction said:

So I choose the image and then none of the die get filled in with it, all still show DUMMY.  I am missing something.

Although it says 'Art (213 by 213 png best)' your uploaded image must be 213 by 213 pixels, or you get an error. I just tested it with two images, one non-optomised, one resized to 213x213, and the second one worked, while the first one gave me the same error you suffered. Try resizing your image.

I've attached an image resized to 213x213, try it on your end and see if it works. If it does, you have your solution, and you can resize the image of your choice!


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it is no error it starts the cropping feature....like the red square with the dotted lines....you have to drag your pic inside that "frame" because this will than be used as the pic when you hit the button "crop" at the right hand bottom 

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I just wanted say thank you so much for making this! We have been making proxies for new sets and recording some videos on our YouTube Channel. Couldnt have done it without your little app here! THANKS!


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