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Flintlock Jazz

Upping difficulty in Mask of the Pirate Queen [SPOILERS]

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Excellent.  It's always nice when the players decide they'd better try and deal with problems they helped to create.  It keeps the players invested and gives everyone more interesting things to riff on. Good times.

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Finally got a chance to get back to this adventure after my son's terrific little league season!!


Alright, we picked up right at the start of Episode 2- the team had defeated the guards at Blackwind Crater and assaulted the lair. They dispatched the Queen decoy and met up with Venalanna to discuss new options. They met Illo Vandin and decided to go to Rusty Reach (Which I was very pleased with as 1- I don't like the fight fixing scenario as much as the Rusty Reach one and 2- RR gave me a prime location to stage an ambush based on one of the PCs obsession triggers).

The party went to RR and it was a relatively straight forward affair. I then had a bounty hunter group lay an ambush in RR. They had 2 minion BH groups assaulting a poor defenseless Ewok (God only knows how or why and ewok would be on Ord Mantell but they didn't ask !) Once they started to intervene, I sniped the "face" of the party and nailed her for 20 points and she dropped. That ticked off the hired gun and he returned the favor with 24 points of damage. He got a "Limb blown off" crit but since he had killed him I just said "you blow his head clean off" and that got the party hyped. They then dispatched the rest of the BH's and headed back to Meet Torval.

The Torval episode was very very entertaining (so much so that some of the players are talking about YouTubing some of this part of the session! :)) Three of the players went to the bar at the Loaded Savrip and commenced to drink. The jawa demolitionist got drunk and failed his resilience check so bad he toppled off the barstool and soiled himself! :) poor guy. The "face" of the party is a human female (played by a 21 year old female) and she talked her way into Torval's viewbox. She played the data chip for him at which point the bodyguard left the viewbox. The party "tailed" the guard as he left while the "face" stayed with Torval in the view box. Once he left, the woman playing the character goes " I put my hand on his leg and start stroking his leg............" and as soon as she said that, the rest of the party (all twenty-something guys) just lost it and I had complete chaos at my table! :):)  Eventually she got the information from him and the party dispatched the guard outside of the LS.

They are currently concocting a plan to send a remote droid/drone down into the elevator shaft to scout around before they go down into it. My son said to me Sat morning "I don't think I am going to keep playing my character as everyone seems to get so mad at me when I go to do something." and I told him "That isn't your fault, that is good roleplaying- you aren't a distraction, you are playing how you believe your character would react- in addition, I am doing a good job of keeping the party tense and maintaining a sense of urgency. They only want to deal with your shenanigans when the time is right."

So, next session is Aug 18. I'll brief you on that one.

I do have a question- During combat, how do you handle any advantages earned beyond 3? Are they lost? Do you cap at 3? At times, I have players getting 5 and even 6 advantages on a roll and it generates this rolling wave of advantages. I was curious if anyone caps this or what you do to control the advantages in combat.

Another question- the Jawa Demolitionist Obsession obligation triggered- any recommendations on how to work that in to Episode 3 of this module?

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Just wrapped this one up Friday night. All in all a decent adventure. My "middle" pick of the 3 EOE adventures- behind Beyond but better than Jewel.

The party had just boarded the Renegade's Blood as we picked up the action. I had them go through all 4 of the optional encounters- Abandon ship, Damage Control, Breached Compartment and Mantellian Mayhem. In addition, I had the entire party make a Discipline/Cool check (their choice), after each of these encounters- to represent the stress of running about on a starship that was under considerable assault. Each check was upgraded following the completion of each- starting with easy following abandon ship and ending with daunting after MM. Each failure resulted in -2 strain which definitely took it's toll on the party.

I upgraded the Mantellian to 36 wounds, durable 3, frenzied attack 2 and adversary 1.

When the party encountered the Queen, I had her cockpit completely impenetrable- it wasn't, but given their time constraints, it was. I REALLY REALLY wanted the party to join her but no dice. I even up'd her bluff by claiming she had another fleet coming to rescue her and they would be arriving from hyperspace in a few minutes. The computer specialist had hacked into the bridge computer and was able to confirm the jump coordinates. In reality, the ships were tugs that were incoming as part of a bluff to force the ZC's fleet to fall back.

Ultimately the party didn't bite so I had her spring out from her cockpit and attack. I upgraded her as such- Wounds 32, Melee 4, Ranged Light 3, Soak 7, Adversary 3, and she took the Marauder talent tree- Toughenedx4, frenzied attack x2, feral strength x3, lethal blows x2, heroic fortitude, enduring x2, natural brawler, defensive stance.

Surprisingly the party waxed her pretty quickly and booked it to their ship to leave. However, I tacked on a demolition charge to the outside of her cockpit which detonated as she died. I gave all the PCs a chance to dodge the damage with a daunting (for half) or formidable (for no) athletics or agility check (again, players choice). Unfortunately the guy who played the Jawa demolitionist didn't show up for the evenings session so the party was at a disadvantage.  They then played through the betrayal by Venlanna, which I felt was really weak and predictable given essentially the same thing happened after Jewel.  

I was very pleased with how I ran it. I think using the "fear" rules more can be very beneficial for GM's to create heightened senses of anxiety and stress.

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