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J Viz

Rebel regen

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After playing 6 games yesterday, I must say this is by far the best regen ship I've ever flown and that's pretty much all I do.

T-70 X-Wing: •Poe Dameron (HotR) (45)

Autothrusters (2)

•Black One (1)

Push The Limit (3)

•R2-D2 (4)

Pattern Analyzer (2)

I never thought black one would be so big, but man is it great. Combined with R2 and PA, you can essentially do green 2 or 3 banks, 3 hard turns, 4 or 5 straights, regen, strip a TL, get a focus and end with no stress.

I'm still trying to figure out what to fly with it (tried a fully loaded Miranda, but not sure if she is for me).

With the meta all over the place, there are several anti-focus shenanigans, so I'm going to stick with R2. And I fear Corran will be on his way out with Kylo and BMS


Played this exact Poe (alongside a tooled-up Miranda) last night against a Mindlink Manaroo/Teroch/Fenn list and Poe was an absolute beast. Unlike the old VI Poe, this one actually puts out reasonable damage being able to reliably target lock + focus, or dodge arcs with boost with the extra benefits of the Black One title. Really effective ship, and a lot of fun too.

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