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J Viz

Wes and A-wings

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Hi all


With defenders currently destroying more or less every list I put out how do you guys think this would work:


Wes Jansen (29)

VI (1)

R4-D6 (1)


Green Squadron Pilot (19)

PTL (3)

Juke (2)

Refit (-2)

Title (0)


I have run 4 PTL/Juke A-wings with Autothrusters with moderate success but they do lack bite and need to all be pointing in the same direction to really make an impact.


I think this may work a bit better as, although the GSPs lose some survivability having Wes stripping a focus token from their target would increase their damage output. My main concern really is would this make Wes too big of a target and will he just get blown off the table early (and is it worth using the 2 spare points to give him some vectored thrusters to barrel roll out of danger.


Another alternative is throwing in a VI/PTL/Procket Jake but once those prockets are gone there's still not a great deal of damage output.


Any thoughts?

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I've thought a lot about this sort of list (don't have the ships to run it) and without ATs I think the Jukes are goign to die too easily to turrets.


The way I ran it was:



3x GSP/Juke/Crack/ATs/Refit.


Your first shots on any 1-focus target will now be at a -2 defence penalty, which makes those peashooters hit HARD even at long range.  ANd Wes can potentially double stress low hull targets.  Shoudl do a number on defenders, in theory.


I called it Wes Walks the Chihuahuas.

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Give Wes the vectored thrusters. At PS 3 and 10, there are only two things you're competing with on initiative:


1. Contracted Scouts. Not common in the meta these days (post-nerf).

2. Poe Dameron with VI. Possible, but you'd win this matchup anyway with Wes's absurdly counter-Poe ability.


The downside I can see with this list is that an opponent only has to dodge either the A-wings or Wes to avoid essentially all damage.

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Yeah, the tricky thing is to get them all pointing in the same direction. With the 4 Juke a-wings imp aces seem to go down fairly quick if getting shot at all 4 if can get it all properly co-ordinated.


Main issue is I keep getting involved in a fur ball whereas the a-wings really want to use their speed to attack, get out of dodge and come in again. So easy to get involved in a brawl with bumps a plenty

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