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KoR reviews the Team Covenant Saga Tokens

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Team Covenant were gracious enough to give me a set of Saga Tokens and instead of racing out a review I chose to get a good number of games in before I wrote this. I have since played about 20 matches using these and I can say I really enjoy them.


The first thing you will notice is they deviate from the original designs of the cardboard chips that come in the starters. Instead of an explosion and Mandalorian helmet you get two simple circular designs and instead of a four square box pattern you get a rectangular chip shape for your resource.


I will start with the damage tokens since they are the simplest. It’s a nice clear bright orange circle with easy to read numbers on each translucent side. No need for different tokens for different damage amounts. Very easy to see and read across the table. The orange pops and stands out making finding and assessing damage on a character quick......



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