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The Best Community In Gaming Gives Back

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In honor of the Holiday Spirit, I figured why shouldn't the greatest community in gaming show up to an opportunity to give back to other communities that are not as well off as our own? 




That's right, why settle for just destroying an opponent with a Swarm of B's when you can send your own swarm of real life bees to a poor village?  Quit trying to get a space cow of a Victory Star Destroyer into position - there are people out there who could really use a real life cow!




There is also an option after you donate that lets you send an email or card to someone for donating on their behalf.  Good for maybe letting one of our own that is out helping people in Africa know we haven't forgotten about him?  (Need Clontroper5's email address?  Just PM me and I'll give it to you).  You could instead send a physical card to someone you know.


Let's make the world a better place, folks!

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