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The Final Hurrah! at Chimera Beeston

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Well, unfortunately it's time to make that announcement.  The final UFS tournament will be run at Chimera Games in Beeston on Saturday 16th January.  We'll be kicking things off at 1pm, and as usual it'll be a standard block tournament.

I was lucky enough to get the tournament in for the final batch of official prize support, and there is alot of it as FFG have cleared their stocks of promos and sent them all out.  We have:

12 copies of each of The Newcomers, Ancient Burial Site, Tablet of Gilgamesh and Kyoufu - the final 4 printed promos.
In addition, 6 copies of each of the 8 promos from the last 2 pre-release kits (inc both foundations)
Whatever else I have lying around at home and can find in the store!

Given it's the final event, I'm hoping we'll have a decent turnout - if you can make it along to play please do.


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