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Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

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8 hours ago, Sithborg said:

New Epic Confrontation for General Anakin Skywalker. 


Requirements that I am not exactly balking at. Definitely going to work on it before Malak. 

Nice! Since I have no interest in Revan and Malak, I was wondering what to work toward for.

I already have 3P0 and Padme and was already working on getting Shaak Ti and Skywalker fighter, so overall I just need to gear a couple of character and I’ll be ready. Definetly for the 11th though, but next time around.

I just hope that the event is doable with the Endurance, cause there is no way for me to get the Negotiator, my guild is not strong enough for the Geo TB.

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That's about where I am at. I had been farming Anakin's ship and Shaak Ti in Fleet anyway. I just hope Mace and Plo get a rework, to justify the gear I am going to be giving them. Definitely going to miss it first round, but it is a goal I am more interested in than gearing all the Old Republic toons. 

Definitely using my GAC tokens for kyrotechs for Shaak Ti. 

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