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DH2 Google Sheets Character Sheet

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So for DH1, RT, DW and such we had Memetix's Excel Character Sheet. I see somebody is starting to work on something for DH2 so I will just post what I made for my group based off Memetix's sheet. I usually end up building characters for some of the group so I built it in google sheets so Its easy to edit and keep track without trying to manage files. I pretty much learned as I went and a lot of it is brute force solutions. 


Here is the public release of version 1.9 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_wQmRNmZbN8Z_BgsAJj31IOFDWt5wKUEsqf7vy0Ovd4/edit?usp=sharing


I will not say its elegant or streamlined at this point but it is functional. Feedback and issues would be nice I don't make use out of all the features yet and I don't have the time to rigorously test everything. 


The general format of the Character Generation, Advancement, Equipment and ModernCS are from Memetix's Excel Character Sheet. The actual functionality and everything I did. 


Current update plans include:

-Custom Weapon and Armour modifications

-Custom Roles, Backgrounds, and Homeworlds (Custom Character creation)

-Any ideas somebody pitches to me that sounds cool.

Feel free to give bug reports or feedback on features you want. If I like them I will add support for it. Also first time sharing something so if there's any problems let me know

1.9 Is life with tons of new stuff.

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1.9 released

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Typo in Character Generation you spell Untouchable wrong. 


You cannot add Psyker advance and other similar things without retroactively modifying all previous xp costs. Not sure how you could solve that. Basically if you gain an Aptitude after you spend xp

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You have to manually add the exp difference. I am not even sure how I would even start solving that. If you can think of a way I will be more than happy to implement it. Thanks for the typo ^^ (That must've been there for months) 


I am currently working on an NPC print out for the sheet. My GM wants to have a bestiary for reference with printouts for all book NPCs and any he creates. I have the print out formatted I just have to data entry it all (fun). 


I have also had somebody talk to me about adding a shop but my response to that is: Custom gear. There are spreadsheets that already contain the entire armory. Use them or the books for reference and manually enter the weapons information. Its a lot of work for little gain. 


Thanks for feedback though and anything you want to see it do let me know (except the retroactive thing unless you figure that out cause just no). 

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Happy to help out on data entry, I wrote up the entire Talent database: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g6036wj9lwqi3qr/Warhammer%2040k%20Talent%20Index.xlsx?dl=0


One thing I would recommend adding is probably a source column, it's true with the armouries and it'll probably be true here, you never can tell what someone has typo'd or read wrongly in their summaries, being able to look something up quickly is very handy. You should probably also date your version updates.


Another thing that I imagine would be difficult to implement would be some sort of difference for talents you have prerequisites for. As it is now you can take any talent you want, which is fine since there are many sources of talents that aren't just buying them with xp, but some sort of conditional formatting for example that italics those without met requirements.


Some of the ones that check the W column in Information don't show up as Yes but won't let me select a drop down. Like Hotshot Pilot is blank and says this: =if(not(isError(filter(Information!$W$4:$W$9,Information!$W$4:$W$9=B67))),"Yes","") but has no drop down to overwrite it, are you meant to manually type Yes in?




Something is broken in Sister of Battle advances:




Note that you can see it detects correctly Offence (from Adeptas Sororitas) and Willpower (from Sister of Battle) in the bottom 3 talents, but fails to detect it in the rest. The aptitudes I don't have on that list are leadership and weapon skill. It's impossible to be a SoB and not have Willpower.


Edit 2: http://i.imgur.com/obfGg9i.pngSmall bug with the duplicate. 


Edit 3: Not sure that Unnatural Strength from power armour is working, and not sure how to add subskin armour and similar cybernetics. Probably a good idea to have a weight bit for weapons and also to include your carrying capacity on the equipment page.


Overall this is fantastic though.

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Drop down problem: Will look into it. I have a feeling I know whats wrong but been busy last couple days with school.


Sister problem: It was checking wrong aptitude for those talents, thanks for the spot fixed now. 


Duplicate problem: Whoops fixed. Thanks


Cybernetics and gear in general is manual. So you have to manually add the armour change and unnatural bonus. I added the carry lift push table to equipment, will address that in more later. 


Other ideas:

Will look into it, not a bad idea to highlight the ones you can afford and or meet the prerequisites for. 

Talent sheet, I will double check to make sure everything I have it correct. Might help with NPC index, not sure till I get more into it, thanks though.

Version dates, for the most part the versions were for me to know which features the sheet have as I update which version our characters were using. Now that I have gone public I should probably keep track of the dates yeah so future public releases will have a published date and a last updated date. Currently its on change log page. 


Hopefully somebody else gives it a try so I can get more feedback :D 



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Is there an easy way to update the character to new versions? Or do you have to input all the information again or does it automatically update with your changes?


One thing is I think the default order of the sheets is a bit odd, character generation you only ever have to do once so that shouldn't be at the front, but then I guess it makes sense for new users of the sheet, but for repeated use you'd want the Modern CS at the front. Also changelog and information follow the same logic.


Still seeing that problem on the dropdown, not the most important as I said as you can just write yes there instead, more important things elsewhere really.


So the unnatural traits don't do anything? I added unnatural strength 1 to represent power armour but it doesn't seem to change my carrying capacity. Do I have to increase my strength by 10? (Wait seems to be working actually)


Going to be playing with this sheet tonight so will let you know how it goes.

The weight is useful on the equipment page good addition but there's no way to add the weight of weapons afaik

Re: talents I didn't notice any problems but it was just so if you wanted to include sources you could easily copypaste it.


Also most skills you can roll when they're not known at -20 so they should probably be on the CS. And infused knowledge doesn't add them all.


Edit: On my char sheet it says rights of banishment instead of rites.

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You have to input manually on version changes, I may end up writing a script to do it automatically but I gotta learn the scripting language first. I just started it today to make a Reset script as part of 1.7 which redoes skill and talent selection to fix that dropdown bug and other changes to enable resetting of the sheet. 


The unnatural traits good point, they are a recent addition and I forgot to integrate them into the carry formula. I fixed this in 1.7 for carry and movement skills. 


I added all the non specialist skills to show up on the Character sheet. 


Fixed rites of banishment typo 


The sheet format is designed so that when you first open it you basically go from left to right to create your character. You can then move the sheets around if its more convenient for you. But the master sheet is formatted to facilitate character creation. I did move information to the end with the rest of the reference material. 


Editing first post with release of 1.7. Going to make sure the previous issues from 1.6 got fixed on 1.7 and not just on the public release version of 1.6. 


EDIT: I actually did write the transfer script.

Also RMcD you are a big help so thanks for all the feedback.


Thinking of doing the alternate homeworlds next unless there's something else that you want added.


Wow just noticed some homeworlds don't work. Will fix it next session. 

Edited by DaMonkMan

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A script would be great but probably not a priority, it didn't take me that long to add all my stuff back.


Thanks for fixing the skills, traits and typo.


That's fair enough on the sheet format, it's a design choice I can see both ways being justified. 


Alternate homeworlds are probably the best next shout, like I said if you want help writing up equipment I'm happy to lend a hand. 



It's no problem to help for me, the only sad thing is that I wish this stuff had been around when the game started rather than after it has been abandoned. Probably a lot of groups who could benefit a lot from this sheet but how many people are going to start new campaigns these days and are probably just using their old means.

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Sorry I got so little response from initial posting that I stopped updating the public version. When I get home today I will format the latest version for public release. It has working a working shop, including cybernetics, armour upgrades and weapon customization. Custom weapons have to be manually calculated currently but I am planning on editing the backend to allow entering the default stats of a custom weapon so the automatic weapon customization system works with weapons and armour you add to the list of options. I can't remember if I released the version with the complete homeworld options but that is also included.

I do apologize for the delay. I haven't worked on it much as I only update it when something breaks or I get a new idea to add. And for the most part the only time I find when things break is when I use them so it's very slow to bug fix. I need to update a lot of things now because I just read the Errata a couple days ago so I gotta go make corrections to everything.

I know I said I would post it when I got home but might have to wait a couple days now since I am excited to work on it again.

Also I am on Ordo Discordia. Under DaMonkMan so contact me there for faster responses.

Update: July 3, I have gotten a little carried away with new things. Custom Item support now works. This means you can add custom Weapons, Armour (Any armour with "Power Armour" in it's name will automatically apply the Unnatural Strength (1)), Forcefield, Cybernetic, or general item (ammo, tool, gear etc.). Custom weapon and armour mods are in the works now. 

I also have to completely scrap my old method for doing Peer and Enemy since they now have an X factor to them. 

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So version 1.9 kept getting bigger and bigger. I didn't keep track of everything small little change but I can give some highlights:

Custom Skills are now available.

Custom Gear (Armour, Weapons, Force fields, Cybernetics, Other), Weapon and Armour Upgrades I decided to shift to 1.10

I redid the skills page layout

I added better support for Custom Talents

I made changes to be up to date with the errata

I added the shop and autocompleting equipment page (including working armour and weapon upgrades, if they modify the stats it actually does it, it calculates strength bonus and crushing blow or mighty shot. I don't believe it has support for 2x strength bonus items yet though so keep that in mind)

There is more but those are the core changes



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