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Psychic Actions during Your Turn

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A player of mind asks...


Can he use two psyhic powers during his turn?


One is a sustained power (some sort of force field thingy > I don't know what its called LOL)

The other his TK Crushing ability (think "attack" power)


Please Advise?>


"You can only make one Standard Attack per turn, as you can only take one Action with the Attack sub-type and one Action with the Concentration sub-type per Turn"



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The psyker can't manifest both Crush and Telekine Dome in the same turn. Crush is Attack and Concentration, while Dome is Concentration.

However, the psyker could cast Telekine Dome in one round, then sustain it and cast Crush in the next round. Sustaining a power doesn't have any action subtypes.

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OK > the powers are...


For Attacking


The psyker reaches out with his mind to pluck up whatever objects

are available and hurl them at his target. If there is nothing suitable

nearby, the psyker can direct his mental energies directly at his foe,

pounding him with bolts of invisible force.

Value: 200 xp

Prerequisite: Willpower 40

Action: Half Action

Focus Power: Ordinary (+10) Willpower test

Range: 20 metres x psy rating

Sustained: No

Subtype: Attack, Concentration

Effect: If the psyker scores at least three degrees of success on

the Focus Power test for this attack, the target is also thrown 1d5

metres away and knocked Prone. Certain especially large targets

such as battle tanks, Greater Daemons, and Titans are immune to

this effect at the Game Master’s discretion.



Rather than using his abilities to turn inanimate objects into

weapons, the telekine focuses directly on his enemy to squeeze

him in an invisible fist of power. Unless the target can repel the

psychokinetic assault, he is bludgeoned horridly. Even should he

survive, the overwhelming psychic force nonetheless pins him in

place under a tremendous weight.

Value: 300 xp

Prerequisite: Willpower 45

Action: Half Action

Focus Power: Challenging (+0) Opposed Willpower test

Range: 10 metres x psy rating

Sustained: No

Subtype: Attack, Concentration

Effect: The psyker nominates a single target in range and line of

sight who opposes this power with a Toughness test. If the target

fails to resist the power, it suffers the attack below.


For defense...


telekine shield

Using the energy of the Warp, the psyker erects a wall of tangible

force that moves with him. The shimmering barrier stops bullets

and deflects blades, but as more and more kinetic energy is directed

at him, the psyker’s mental shield wears down.

Value: 200 xp

Prerequisite: Intelligence 40

Action: Half Action

Focus Power: Routine (+20) Willpower test

Range: Self

Sustained: Free Action

Subtype: Concentration

Effect: For the duration of the power, all of the psyker’s Hit

Locations count as being protected by cover with an Armour

Value equal to half this power’s psy rating. This shield can be

damaged just like normal cover by damage that exceeds the shield’s

Armour Value (see page 229). If the shield is reduced to 0

Armour points, the power stops, and is no longer sustained.

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As mentioned by Weasels, you are limited to only one action of the Attack and Concentration subtypes per turn. This applies to all actions so your psyker cannot use Assail and then shoot someone with a laspistol, however he can use Telekine Shield and then shoot because those two actions don't exceed the limitation (one Attack and one Concentration).

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