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Expansions and War Packs

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Hello fellow Warlords,


I think I'm going to get into WH40k Conquest this Chistmas, I want to play it with a buddy.

1) Can anyone explain to me the 2*106 factions that exist in this game (including expansions*+war packs) and what they do.

2) What are the coolest expansions/warpacks?

3) What is the biggest bang for my buck.


(I live in Europe so there is no way my mom is going to allow me to buy all packs avaliable at the Chistmas sales site because shipping alone is 60 Euro, more than the actual game+all the



Thanks in advance,



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I also decided to enter the world of Warhammer Conquest for the first time this year. My order hasnt yet arrived but I picked up just about everything I could on the Holiday site and then a few exra packs that I know I wanted from CoolStuffInc.

While I cannot answer your question about how the factions feel in the card game (as I don't have it yet) I can hopefully give some

Insight into the game flavor/cool factor at least for me. Obviously a core set is a must, and if your into deck customization, a second or third core set is useful. This is because in the core set you are given a lot of single copies of each card and your deck allows 3 of same card to be included.

The Core Set comes with

Space Marines; your typical humans in space with some brutal twists like chain swords.

Orks; Literally Orcs in Space with some sloppy machinery throw together. Powerful yet dumb.

Eldar: Space Elves, cloaking and deception, precision strikes.

Dark Eldar; Dark Elves

Chaos: Demons and Cultists in space

Tau: Think high intelligent humanoid cyborg/robots

Imperial Guard : Our traditional Military as it would be now, tanks and the army.

Now aside from that, the two big box expansions will provide you with two additional factions, which in my opinion, are some of the coolest in Warhammer. You get the Tyranids, in "The Great Devourer" which are organic alien life forms that just want to consume the universe ( think Zerg from Starcraft or Aliens from Alien vs Predator) and are my favorite Warhammer faction. The other big expansion "Legions of Death" provides Necrons, essentially the "undead in space" which consist of a cool, yet complex play style.

Now those are the only two big box expansions, and then you have the war packs which add full play sets (x3 of each card) to your collection and each pack provides some additional cards for each faction released up to that war pack cycle. So tyranid cards won't be included until the cycle after "The Great Devourer" released.

Honest the most bag for your buck is going to come from the Holiday sale, $3 a war pack is unheard of, but if your on a budget I'd recommend a core set $20 with the sale, and one of each big box expansion $10 with the sale. Puts you at $40 and if you can pick up either a second core or a few $3 warpacks just to fill out your solo faction decks.

Just remember that this game is going away, so what you don't get now is going to be extremely difficult to obtain later.

Hope I helped you out a little, I know I can't tell you how each faction plays in the actual card game but hopefully I shed some light on the flavor of each of them for you. If you have any more questions feel free to ask!!


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