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Dice ownership clarification

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I noticed there are cards with a dice manipulation effect that refer to them sometimes in a strict way, other in a loosy one.
For example:

NeutralRogue. Common.
Event. Cost: 0.


Reroll a die (yours or an opponent's).

Unpredictable says specifically that you can target one of your die either an opponent's one. That's OK.

NeutralForce. Starter.
Event. Cost: 1.

Spot a Blue character to turn a die to any side.

Use the Force doesn't specify who had to be the owner of the die you like to turn. Why this difference? Maybe, if not specified, like in this latter case, dice i  may target are mine (assuming it is me playing the UtF card) only?

I'm pretty sure there are other cards that have this issue.

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There are enough cards that specifically say "one of your dice" that I'm confident that any card that doesn't use that wording means yours or your opponent's.

This is correct. The cards mean what is written (and only what is written) on them. If it says "a dice" that means any dice in play.

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