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I was wondering if anyone has a good source for 40k minis or suggestions for what to buy that would be useful. I am aware there are plenty of places to buy minis for the tabletop Warhammer but i do not need an army.


I am more looking for singles and small sets and such I can get to aid my players with the visuals, as up till now i have been using any old D&D minis from over the years and they do not exactly capture the raw ferocity and carnage that is 40k.



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GW has some 'Inquisitor and Retinue' sets; they aren't cheap though (even by GW standards), being for a niche faction and thus not mass-produced in cost-controlling quantities like Space Marines. Also, they focus on the Inquisitor and his support staff, so not super-useful for opponents. They also sell a small box of Chaos cultists armed with autoguns/autopistols, which are pretty useful.


I mainly prefer to assemble my own figs out of multi-part plastic kits:




The most useful kits (i.m.o.) are the Cadian Command Squad, Empire Militia, and Bretonnian Men-At-Arms.  Dark Eldar Wyches make good bodyglove-clad assassins, and Empire Flagellants make good cult fanatics. Crypt Ghouls work well for generic mutant hordes, but they are quite fiddly to assemble.


I've got a small gallery of some of my stuff here.


If you don't want to invest in whole boxes, you might be able to track down reasonably-priced single frames on line (I know GW was on a jihad against this a while back, but I think they have eased off recently).

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