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Any thoughts on 'Achievements'

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I will probably play the game solo 90% of the time and am looking for ways to increase replayability. I was thinking of creating a list of 'achievements' in the model of video game achievements (Steam, Xbox etc) to try and complete to add a meta game.

I suppose some obvious achievements would be completing the base game with each investigator on hard difficulty but does anyone have any other ideas for interesting ways to try to play the game to keep it fresh?

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That's a fun idea to keep the base game interesting until other scenarios hit the stores. Here's a few just from the top of my head:

  • Complete the campaign without using experience 

  • Complete the campaign using only cards from one class (though I'm not sure there are enough cards in the core box for that) 

Then there's always the grindier ones, like "get every Resolution on every difficulty" and similar ones.


EDIT: Didn't see CastorJo's reply. That's a nice list!

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