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Varnias Tybalt

Replacement Display Case for Collectors Edition

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Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that I was one of those who initially had recieved a cracked and battered display case when I ordered the Collectors Edition of Rogue Trader. However I just recieved my replacement from Fantasy Flight Games after having sent in photos of the initial damages and asked to be reimbursed somehow, and the replacement case looks great.

No damages or deformation to the case at all, and I noted that FFG had really taken the orignal suspicions to heart and made sure to pack the case in a thick layer of bubblewrap, as well as a plastic sleeve, and they had also filled the interior of the case with foam (a little overkill perhaps, but it's nice to know that they really went the extra mile to make sure that it shouldn't be damaged during transport this time around).

I guess that all I wanted to say is that I feel satisfied with my purchase of the Collectors Edition now, and it's very nice to know that me being utmost confident that FFG would make sure to solve the issue in the beginning (instead of fretting over it and going Nerd Raging all across the boards) was well founded. As far as I go, im a very happy customer. happy.gif

I also hope that everyone who had a similar problem have received their replacement display cases safe and sound, or that they arrive as soon as possible if they haven't already, and that sending out these replacements across the world didn't take too much of a chunk out of FFG's budget.

I'd also like to once again thank FFG for excellent customer service (specifically Evan Hall who I kept in touch with the most during the entire deal).


And, uhm... I guess that's it! Happy new year everyone!

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