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Progress on Adding New Magic Lores (Amber, High, Athel Loren)

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My first campaign game is next Friday.  I am working on the adventure as well as fleshing out the remaining orders of magic that are missing.  In addition, I wanted to be able to let my players have the possibility of being high elf or wood elf mages.  (One of my players expressed an interest in this)

WIth the super amount of material this is not a difficult task other than trying to bring the spells and orders in line with the existing three in the basic box.

I plan on having my files and what not available for download on my website when finished, though I hardly would claim them as the to be all of fillers.  But that's all I am using them for, filling us in while we wait for the official items (and man we may have a long wait)

So far I have frameworked Amber magic, High magic, and Athel Loren magic (wood elf).  I do not have any supplements with the elf lores in them so I am using my tabletop army books as a frame of reference plus the old tabletop 5th edition magic set. 

By skeleton framework I mean I do not have them fleshed fully out with boon/bane crit results, just the basic end result.  Mainly these are rough sketchings typed up.

  I will post what I have here  to give an example and maybe spark some discussion.  I need four more spells for both high magic and the wood elf lore.  These are by far not finished yet.  This is just a framework I drew up, and there is still work to do on the remaining four colleges (Amethyst, Jade, Light, Gold as well as Ice as I'm incorporating Kislev Witches)

I also plan on having a basic runesmith career tree but I know that won't be ready by next week and I'm not going to rush it.

Petty and Lesser Magic
All of these are covered in the “cantrip” card. However the below lists previous edition lesser magic and some mechanics to give you ideas on how to work with the cantrip ability.


Glowing Light
Causes an item to glow like a lantern for an hour

Causes phantom noises

Causes target to drop something in their hand. Opposed Willpower check to add difficulty.

Marsh Lights
Causes tiny lights to appear and move in any direction.

Causes an opponent to fall into a slumber. Opposed Willpower check. This is a touch spell.

Can move light objects up to 12 yards. Can open or close any unlocked door, or knock over items with an encumbrance of 50 or less within 24 yards of you.

Aethyric Armour
Gain +1 Soak for a number of rounds equal to the caster’s WIL rating.

Blessed Weapon
Enchants one melee or thrown weapon, or up to five missiles. Makes the items count as magical, which are useful against certain foes.

Power 2 Cantrips
Magic Lock
You enchant one lock or bolt within 2 yards. This lasts for one week. The lock cannot be picked or forced open.

Magic Alarm
Creates a silent alarm on one spot that you touch. Whenever a creature comes within 2 yards of this spot you will be mentally alerted instantly no matter how far away you are.

You magically silence one character within 24 yards of you. The target can resist the spell (opposed Will). Otherwise he cannot make any noise for as many rounds as your WIL characteristic.

You walk on air, moving up to triple your movement and then returning to the ground. You can reach a height of up to 6 yards.

Power 3 Cantrips
You cause a spell within 12 yards of you to end prematurely. This is an opposed WIL characteristic of the target caster you are trying to dispel.

High Magic
High magic is the magic of the high elves of Ulthuan. A high elf mage is master of many magics. High elves may choose any spell cards from any of the eight colleges of magic. In addition they may also choose spells from the High Magic list.

Drain Magic - Ongoing
Power: 3/6/8
The caster drains the winds of magic around him. For each level of the spell cast, all other casters (friend or foe) add ? to their dice pools when attempting to channel the winds of magic and also to cast their spells.

Shield of Saphery - Ongoing
Power: 4
The caster casts a shield around himself or another target within medium range. The shield adds ?? to any attack roll against the target.

Curse of Arrow Attraction - Ongoing
Power: 4
The caster marks a target within long range. Allies that attack that target may add ? to their missile attacks. This spell has no effect on melee attacks.

Courage of Aenarion
Power: 4
The caster marks a target within close range. The target may add ? to any fear or terror test that they may need to make.

Fury of Khaine
Power: 3/5/7
The caster attacks a target at long range. If caster is engaged in combat, add one ?. Attack does POWER + Int damage. For example, if the caster put forth 5 points of power into the attack, it would do 5 + Int damage.

Flames of the Phoenix – Ongoing – Rank 2
Power: 7
The caster attacks a target at long range.

Vaul’s Unmaking – Rank 2
Power: 7
The caster chooses a magic item within close range. That item’s effects are nullified for the rest of the encounter.

Lore of Athel Loren
Tree Singing - Ongoing
Power: 4
The caster calls to the trees around him. This can be used in a variety of ways. Once cast, place a number of tokens on the spell card equal to the caster’s WIL score. The caster may remove tokens from his card to do one of the following (effects last until the beginning of the caster’s next turn)
(1) provide cover for himself or an ally within medium range. Opponents wishing to target an ally protected with this spell add a ? to melee attacks or ?? to ranged attacks.
(1) allow a target to be moved one range increment for free as the trees carry them.
(1) May target an enemy with an attack. Target suffers a hit that does 3 + INT damage.

Fury of the Forest
Power: 6
The caster unleashes the savage fury of the forest, doing 4 + INT damage.

The Hidden Path
Power: 4
The caster makes himself or an ally ethereal until the beginning of his next turn. During this time the target is not affected by difficult terrain and may ignore all non-magical missile attacks. If the target is engaged in melee, the spell ends early.

The Twilight Host
Power: 4
The caster makes the target cause Fear. A critical success allows the target to be Terrifying instead.

Ariel’s Blessing
Power: 3
The caster heals wounds based on the number of successes. Can also heal critical effects on Critical Success rolls.

The Call of the Hunt
Power: 5
The caster casts this on a target within close range. The target gains a ? to any melee attack rolls made. In addition the target gains a +1 damage modifier.

Amber Order (Beasts)
Calm the Wild Beast
Power: 3
Calms an animal within medium range. You may approach the beast without fear. If a mount, you may ride it. The animal remains friendly towards you for a number of hours equal to your WIL characteristic. If you attack the animal, the enchantment is broken.

Nature’s Form
Power: 5
You transform yourself (and all equipment you are carrying) into the form of an animal for 1 hour. You cannot talk or use magic while in this form. You may end this spell at any time and resume your normal form. The spell ends if you take a Critical Hit.

The caster may transform into a raven, destrier, bear, or wolf.

Claws of Fury - Ongoing
Power: 3
Your fingernails transform into fierce claws. These are treated as a melee weapon with the Fast quality. They have a DR equal to 2 + your STR characteristic, and a CR equal to 3.

The Beast Unleashed – Rank 2
Power: 3 + number of characters to affect
Any friendly character within medium range goes into a Frenzy. Frenzied characters may add ? to their melee attack rolls. Frenzied characters gain +1 fatigue point every round that they are Frenzied. Frenzy lasts a number of rounds equal to the caster’s WIL score.

Characters may choose to not be affected by the spell if they wish.

The Boar’s Hide
Power: 5
Gain +2 soak. You may also ignore one critical hit while this spell is in effect, though once you take a critical hit the spell is ended. While this spell is in effect, your Ag score is reduced by 1. This spell lasts a number of minutes equal to your WIL score.

Cowering Beasts – Rank 2
Power: 6
All enemies within close range of the caster Fear him. Opponents trying to strike the caster add ? to their attack rolls. This spell is based off of an opposed WIL check of the creatures the caster is trying to cow. In the instance of mixed WIL scores, the caster may choose the highest WIL score that he wishes to test against, and if successful, all creatures of that WIL score or lower are affected.

Leather Bane – Rank 2
Power: 7
You touch a character, creature, or animal, and all leather goods he is carrying, belts, pouches, straps, scabbards, and even armor, shrivel immediately and turn to dust. This is a touch spell vs Ag.

The Ox Stands
Power: 4
You shout out to an ally within long range of you. That ally is no longer afflicted by Fear from any creature currently on the battlefield. Any creature that causes Terror now simply causes Fear to the target. Any additional fear causers that arrive afterward are feared as normal.

The Talking Beast
Power: 3
If you cast this spell on yourself before taking on an animal form, you may speak. In addition, if you use this on an animal within medium range of yourself, it may speak for a number of minutes equal to your WIL score.

Crow’s Feast – Rank 2
Power: 7
A flock of crows descends up to medium range, and attacks all creatures in that target grouping, doing 3+int damage

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The ? marks are the dice fonts.  My apologies.  Most of the dice modifiers are boon or bane dice.  Shield of Saphery is the exception, the shield adds a challenge dice and a bane die to anyone attacking someone protected by it.

My apologies for the confusion that the "?" may cause.  I plan on having all of this in pdf form soon.

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Cool stuff, good work

I noticed you have some stuff that tends to last in "minutes" or for a stat-rating number of rounds. I don't have the cards in front of me, but it seems like the paradigm of WFRP3 is that you have the associated effects "recharge", and while they are recharging, you gain the benefit of the effect.

I don't feel that anything necessarily has to follow that, just wanted to point it out.

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You are correct as those came from previous editions.  They will be edited to follow the new recharge mechanic.  =)  I was actually editing some of those last night.

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Not yet ;)  wait until I get the colleges up and the career cards done and high and wood elf magic up, then we can discuss the offerings to the chaos gods that you must make =D

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i'm also working on the Amber Order and I think the effects lasting for hours as in the 2nd edition is ok. The recharge icons are actually for turns. I don't know those are five seconds. Now if you, e.g. tame a beast for, say 4 turns, does not make sense to me.
I use the recharge to set a number of time/turns when you can cast the spells again, the effects last longer.
On short effects I use the recharge icons as they were combat actions.

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Yeah playing with recharge ratings is going to be tricky, mainly as it pertains to game balance.  My first draft of these items I'm sure is going to be a bit broken, but that's what playtesting is for.

I've finished the other four high magic spells.  They are:

Vaul's Making - Mends a broken item (power 4)

Banishment - Rank 2 Power 5 - heavily offensive spell vs daemons or undead.  Will ignore their soak values for damage.

Assault of Stone - Rank 2 - Power 5 - Moves a hill or small rocky terrain a distance space.  Any targets on the terrain are stuck and cannot move while it recharges until they make a challenging escape attempt.  Any targets under it when it lands are also affected as above, but in addition take 3+Int damage.

Blessings of the Eldar - Ongoing - Power 4 - Boosts target attribute by 1

Working on finishing the wood elf lore now.  Then back to the older books to fill out the colleges.  =D

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Very much looking foward to the completion of this.

I have been attempting to translate a few spells, from previous editions and it would be nice to look at how others go about it.

I find my self  struggling with this project. Mainly on  the recharge issue , since I can't help but feel I am pulling random numbers out of thin air-since the game makes no real attempt at defining what the length of time 1 "recharge" is.

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I feel your pain mate.  That's a downfall to an unstructured system.  There are no real guidelines.  I've looked at the magic cards in the box set several times over and I can't really find a lot of common ground so the main thing is to not create something that's so good it has to be taken all the time, or so weak that it's never taken.

I'm hovering around recharge rates of 2-5.  The more powerful spells would have a shorter recharge.  Boons and critical success rolls can be used to bump those.

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Wood Elf Spells (continued)


#7 - Path of the Hunter - Ongoing - Rank 2
Power 5
Target in close range is camouflaged.  Adds boon dice to stealth rolls and gives an extra boon dice to surprise attacks.  Boons can increase damage and CR.

#8 - Summon Ally - Ongoing - Rank 2
Power 3/5/7
Depending on how much power is expended can summon a Falcon, Wolf, or Dryad to aid the caster while the card recharges.

#9 - Path of the Rabbit
Power: 4
Allows target to move up to long range for free.

#10 - Blessings of the Everqueen
Power: 3/5/7
Removes fatigue and stress (1 pt / 2 pts / 3 pts)

As you can see I'm a fan of variable power casting.  What are your thoughts on the elven spells as I am making these up on my own for a lot of them or converting the tabletop spells as I have no high or wood elf magic lores in any RPG supplement.

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LordBael said:

I am, for recharge, going off of 1 recharge = 1 round = 6 seconds.  I may be mistaken but I believe that is how the book defines it.


That's what I thought.

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