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VOTE Here: Most Hated Upgrade Card in X-Wing

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If if this is "Most Hated" due to the poor design (personally speaking), then it's this card:


Should have been 2 points and a discard card that effected "all ships within range two" and those ships should "roll 1 red dice for each stress token and take damage for each 'crit' and 'hit' then remove all stress tokens."

If this were the case, then my first vote (3 or so above) could have been avoided.

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PtL is the best EPT that doesn't modify Pilot Skill, by like...a ton.


I'd be fine with that, but they keep designing other EPTs very timidly (probably because of PtL) and so after all this time you STILL only see PtL (obvious hyperbole is obvious). Snap Shot could have (and should have) been a gamer changer but they were too conservative with it. I'm honestly fine with the power level of PtL but like...if that's the way it is, let's start dropping other EPTs that are similarly powerful to combat such things.


I would not mind an EPT that was like...2 points, and said that when a stressed target becomes the defender of your attack, you may remove a focus or evade token from that target before rolling attack dice, etc.


I dunno. There's just so much unused design space there.



Edit: Honestly, there's not really any upgrade card that actively makes me angry because it's too strong. The thing that makes me angry is when new cards come out and I know that they're not good enough to see any competitive play in an instant. The wasted energy and design time of that is always frustrating to me. I'm looking at you, R3 Astromech.

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Depends what you mean...


In terms of what could have been, R3 Astromech.  Just seems like a failed remnant from Wave 1 or 2, and it wouldn't have been much cop even then.  Similarly, Expose.


In terms of what currently is, Palp is still one of the most meta warping cards in the game.


In terms of making the game longer and more boring, /x7 is supremely dull to play against.  Even blocking them doesn't help all that much.


In terms of really feeling *unfair*, Zuckuss.


Mostly I'm pretty happy with the game though, even with those things in it.

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Can you really choose? Here's my 3



Unde rcosted and overpowered. You need passive mods/passed actions for it to be good, problem is it quickly gets far TOO good. Not a fun experience for the defender in general as well.



Particularly on the shuttle. Between making Soontir unhittable, making a pair of defenders take 1 damage per turn or just using him defensively with the shuttle to last 5 rounds of fire with ease. Range less defensive support abilities are bad for the game, Palp is obviously the worst offender of this.



I have quite a few problems with this one, the main one being the lack of counter play. Stress, bumping and obstacles not effecting it makes it boring for both players and in my mind and is far too good. Also the point reduction is not needed in anyway.

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Engine Upgrade ... on Large PWT ships.  It's not even close.


Dishonorable Mention - Veteran Instincts.


Distant Third - PTL.


EDIT - I understand why people picked Zuckuss, and if it's not nerfed, it will jump into the running for me.  But the concept of the card is fine, and except in very narrow circumstances, the execution of the card is fine.  And I do believe it is broken, and will be nerfed.  So it's not on my list.


EDIT - Palpatine isn't broken.  As long as you kill the ******' Lambda first.  So it's restrictive and strategy-defining.  That's not good, but it's not enough to hate the card.  I actually kinda like flying against Palp Aces, as long as I don't have to do it four or more times in a tournament.

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