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Say I have a dirty Heretek Fabricator type who's stolen a world and is hidden on said world...


When big bad Inquisition arrives > the idea is/was they make "target" move or leave system (aka fight another day type of deal)




In your opinion based on what ya know >


How would the players locate said target (i.e. Fab guy) for the kill?


(keep in mind the forces the Inquisitor is bringing is only being used to instigate a protracted exchange / i.e. take up the time and effort of said Fab's AdMech forces while "players" move in for the secret kill?


I had to rework critical parts of my adventure and am now stumped on how to present this "oppotunity" and or goal of the adventure (exterminatus is not an option today - sorry + by the time that happens said Fab target will be long gone aka muhahahahha)


Pls Advise

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Presumably their briefing included general layout and previous location of control centres? If so, have them "hack" into the datanet to find which location it's using, from there it's a standard infiltrate and eliminate mission...

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No data on that > but it sounds like the course any agent would take...


What I'll do in that vein;


Have the acolytes be told of a former cell operative > go find their body > on their person is the info as to > clandestine previous location of control centres...


From that I can have the group hack the datanets > then target one of the hidden masters for the kill!


The foil being > you only get 1 shot - then they get away


Thanks Axe for the insight / idea!




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