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Whisper,Ryad,Backdraft list put to test today

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Countess Ryad — TIE Defender     34
Adaptability     0
TIE/x7     -2
Ship Total: 32
"Backdraft" — TIE/sf Fighter     27
Adaptability     0
Weapons Guidance     2
Special Ops Training     0
Ship Total: 29
"Whisper" — TIE Phantom     32
Veteran Instincts     1
Fire-Control System     2
Advanced Cloaking Device     4
Ship Total: 39


Yet another...


I went up against   Palpatine(lambda)/OL-Comm Relay/Inquisitor PTL&something else/Wampa  


A little bit of a learning curve here.  I wasn't aware how Palp/Wampa means you get a damage card slipped under shields, no dice consulted!   By turn 2 Whisper had 1 shield/1 hull.   After I learned how harsh Wampa was I was able to take him down the next round and I had inquisitor down to 1 hull with some Backdraft rear shots and Whisper Slap across the hull.  More than a few times I've surprised players who have not yet embraced a TIE S/F with a 1 forward rear firing arc whallop, If you haven't learned the S/F dial you can easily forget it can go 1 forward.  Ultimately I lost this game but feel it was more than competitive vs. this list.  I failed to line up a firing arc with Ryad multiple times and drove Whisper over some unnecessary debris which left him action-less and uncloaked for a usually weak Lambda assault.  It was a fun game with a visiting player from out of town.  Can't wait to try this list against some more players.    

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It was a great match. I've been flying the Palp/Wampa/inquisitor/Omega Leader for some time. After this match, I decided to change up my list and flew it with great success tonight. My new list is now:

Palps Backside Aces: 100 points

Omicron Shuttle w/Palp


Omega Leader- Juke/Comm Relay

Backdraft- Special Ops Training/Sensor Cluster/Lone Wolf

Spending time in the Seattle area was a lot of fun. Every person I met was great. I will be heading back to the East tomorrow. Thank you Seattle for the games! I was able to go 4-1 this week.

Steve Kruger


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Thanks Steve, Seattle actually has a pretty good and spread out X-wing scene. 

Very interesting swap  Inquisitor for Backdraft!  Trading mobility/2pts for durability/firepower/iniative.  Backdraft does more damage as he gets a 3rd die & in the case of rear arc an added crit result which is much better than a 3rd die and when lined up to fire front & rear he gets 4 die & crit albeit spread over 2 ships.  His 1 forward and F/R firing arcs do a good job compensating for the mobility loss, more so offensively than in arc dodging.  I think it's a really solid replacement.   TIE S/F sure are growing on people despite being unpopular pre-release!

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