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Poll: Worst Looking Ship in X-Wing

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I don't hate any ship entirely, but there are features that I dislike.

Shadowcaster and the Ghost and the shuttle are a little boxy with textures that are a little too sleek, the old star wars ships are RIDDLED with texture details for a very good reason (Just look at the Falcon, the Y-Wing, Star destroyers!). The protectorate starfighter dances on the verge of this same problem but that ship really own's it´s own simple design and can be fixed with a textured paintjob.


The E-Wing overhead cannon just does'nt do it for me. I like the E-Wing in general but I'll chop the cannons offa mina when their number comes up in my painting mood. I don't even care about the functionality issues it just looks off.


I hate that all Z-95 models are moulded with the munitions package's on them, 


A-Wings and HWK's are WAY off in size. Grrh!



If I had to pick I think the Attack shuttle strikes me as the least visually pleasing thing in the game, if only because it looks terribly out of place and sorely lacking in 3-d texture details. 

The problem is that the model designers in this case are dealing with a ship originally created for a simple and distinct visual 3-D cartoon style whilst a very large portion of existing ships were originally hand-crafted or at least given the Triple-A big-screen treatment (with a handful of notable exceptions, but those exceptions still benefited from the rough hand-craft ideals of an era that most modern entertainment craftsmen have moved away from). 

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+1 for the Attack Shuttle as the ugliest looking ship.  It just seems out of the normal aesthetic and it's too smooth and untextured.  Honorable mention: E-Wing.

I the the Ghost, Lancer, and the Protectorate Starfighter have good designs, but wow the stock paint jobs on them looks atrocious.  Too smooth, too clean, too garish in color.  Repaints can fix them well enough. 

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