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Kingdom Key Triumph

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Idea of this deck is to defeat Dark decks and higher level Player cards (including forms) quickly.

Player Card:
Sora Lv 1

Lv 0: 5
The King
Chip and Dale

Lv 1: 6
2x Moogle
Mickey Mouse

Lv 2: 3
Yuffie BoD
Will Turner
Fairy Godmother

Lv 3: 9
3x Goofy
3x Bambi
3x Donald LaD

Lv 4: 3
Goofy Set 2

Form: 2
2x Sira Valor

Dark Cards: 2
Stealth Sneek
Fat Bandit

Attack: 5
3x Fairy Harp
Ultima Weapon

Equipment: 3
3x Kingdom Key

World: 1
Disney Castle

Event: 1
Break of Dawn Event 1

Total 40.

I was thinking  maybe cutting out Alice,and 1x Kingdom Key and add a second phil and maybe Metal Chocobo over the 3rd key. What do you think?

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um im not sure how fast your deck is but the valor form seems kinda useless for you.  if u plan on using valor then kingdom key is useless -unless your fighting ansem but at that point 1 should be enough.

if your using lvl 1 sora you can do 3 hp damage a turn which is really nice but your att total will be 6 as opposed to valors-probably 15- so i would run 3x abu to equipment hate them. the sora card i would suggest is either mersora lvl 1 becuz of 5 att and 7hp or flag sora lvl 2 becuz of defensive challenge but then you can only do 2 hp a turn still isnt that bad.

you dont need lvl 3 donald lad at all- maybe the bridge but still then u dont neeed that much magic.  merlin would be better but even then thats still alot and u only need lvl 3 magic which lvl 1 donald has.  i think another phil would help

also just to let you know you can only gain 1 hp with this deck so run tinkerbell lvl 1 and maybe other lvls too.also  a wr can rush past ur heartless pretty quickly with a peter pan lvl 1 which is a really good idea for wr so maybe more heartless/villlians cave of wonders is the best dark IMO

metal chocobo might hurt you unless u think a guranteed +2 is better than a card you can draw-which it shouldnt be but thats ur call

hope this helps


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