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StarCraft dh2

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Sorry if it offends anyone. However, I have been working on creating new options for creating StarCraft universe characters like they would be from alt universe.




It is a rough draft. I have been using Leovaunt's rules for starcraft rpg for conversion. Terrans are the easiest part.


Anyway. It has a Homeworld and Background integrated with role for character creation. Special talents are gained every 1000nth xp. So called advanced specialisations will be obtained from much later level (like ascension).


Also some gear is semi finished.


It is an ongoing project for my crazy campaign twists.

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Sorry if it offends anyone.


And why should it offend anyone? Rather nice attempt of total conversion.

However, a few question do arise

1) Why are "Core worlds" and "Korhal" different backgrounds, since Korhal IS actually one of the "Core Terran Worlds" of Koprule sector?

2) Haven't found CMC armour among the list. Not added yet?

3) Why normal (gunpowder-based) autogun is in fact stronger than gauss assault rifle and on par with C-14 gauss rifle (weapon designed to do tricks like penetrating CMC armor or dealing enough damage to put zerg creatures "out of commission").

PS: My take, it would better be damage = 1d10+3I, Pen = 0 for the autogun, damage = 1d10+3I, Pen = 2 for the gauss assault rifle and Damage = 1d10+4I. Pen=4 for the C-14. 

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My take on Terran weapons would be such (all stats are for common FMJ munitions)

1) Revolver

Class = pistol, Range = 30 m, RoF - S/-/-, Dam = 1d10+3I, Pen =0, Clip = 6, Rld = 2 Full, Weight = 1kg, Special = Reliable, Avail = Common

"Based on long, true and tested principles of combustion firearms, .357 caliber revolver packs a punch against unarmored opponents, however it would have problems against heavier armour and tough zerg hides"

2) Shotgun

Class = basic, Range = 30 m, RoF - S/-/-, Dam = 1d10+4I, Pen=0, Clip = 6, Rld = 2 Full, Weight = 4 kg, Special = Scatter, Reliable, Avail = Plentiful (with Buckshot)

Class = basic, Range = 30 m, RoF - S/-/-, Dam = 1d10+4I, Pen=3, Clip = 6, Rld = 2 Full, Weight = 4 kg, Special = Reliable, Avail = Plentiful (with Armour-piercing slugs)

"True, tried and used by generations before, this simple, yet reliable combustion-based pump-action shotgun, allowed for civilian handling is cheap in production and easy in maintenance, that's why it remains a common hunting and self-defence on fringe worlds and remote colonies"

3) Autogun

Class = basic, Range = 100 m, RoF - S/3/10, Dam = 1d10+3I, Pen=0, Clip = 45, Rld = Full, Weight = 4.5 kg, Special = -, Avail = Common

"Confederacy-designed combustion automatic rifle, firing low-calibre caseless munitions. Is generally being replaced with gauss-based firarms on central worlds of Terran Dominion, however remains quite common in hands of police forces on fringe worlds, various local militias and on black market"

4) Light gauss rifle

Class = basic, Range = 100 m, RoF - S/3/-, Dam = 1d10+3I, Pen=0, Clip = 60, Rld = Full, Weight = 5 kg, Special = Overcharge*, Avail = Average (Normal mode)

Class = basic, Range = 100 m, RoF - S/3/-, Dam = 1d10+4I, Pen=2, Clip = 60, Rld = Full, Weight = 5 kg, Special = Unreliable, Overcharge*, Avail = Average (Overcharge mode)

"AGR-14 gauss based assault rifle, having generally replaced aged combustion-based rifles in hands of police forces on central worlds. While firing in normal mode it functions similarly to it's combustion cousin, however, if needed the rifles firing coils could be overcharged, producing more powerful shots, but at a price of heavier recoil and less reliable workings of the discharge capactiators"

* Overcharge: Light gauss rifle could be set to fire in overcharge mode, gaining +1 Damage and 2 Penetration, but also gaining Unreliable quality. 

5) Gauss rifle

Class = basic**, Range = 120 m, RoF - S/3/10, Dam = 1d10+4I, Pen=4, Clip = 150, Rld = Full, Weight = 15 kg, Special = -, Avail = Average

"8mm caliber C-14 gauss rifle, standard arm for modern power-armoured infantrymen"

** Counts as Heavy weapon if used without power armour.

6) Canister rifle

Class = basic, Range = 200 m, RoF - S/-/-, Dam = 1d10+9X, Pen=8, Clip = 10, Rld = Full, Weight = 8,5 kg, Special = Accurate, Felling (4), Targeting laser***, Avail = Near unique

"C-10 canister rifles, long remaining the standard weapon of choice for the dreaded Ghost programm operatives. This rifle fires 20mm armour-piercing explosive slugs over long ranges, making quick work of any enemy if the shooter is skilled"

*** Targeting laser: This weapon could be used (it's standard attack aside) in a special action, in which it's user illuminate a target of choice with an intergated laser rangefinder. The telemetry relayed to allied units could be used to drastically improve accuracy of any guided muntions from shoulder-lauched to heavy cruise missiles, mounting bunker-buster or even tactical nuclear warheads. If targeting laser is engaged, any allied players firing guided missile-based weaponry against illuminated targets may re-roll any failed rolls to hit. 

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