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Broken Group- Thoughts?

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Hey guys! I mentioned this group in another post but after playing Kindred Fire 10+ times as well as now playing the delve, this is the most Broken party I've come up with. I encourage you to try it in your sessions because I've had incredible success with it.

Jaes the EXILE, Battlemage/Berserker:

Jaes has an impressive 12 health to start and although she only has 3 Stamina, her Stamina increases with every rune you equip. This pairs very well with [ Ruinic Weave ] which let's her dual wield Runes.

Berserker gives her a red/blue weapon from the jump. Using her first XP for [brute] grants her another +4 health meaning she has 16 health against act 1 monsters which is almost impossible for them to chew through.

Next you want to grab [Planar weapon] for 1 XP which lets her dual wield runes, followed by runic weave for 2 XP which gives her +2 health for each rune equipped. I've had game sphere her health was up to 22 or more.

Her final XP points are best spent on counter attack (since [ Planar weapon] has her attacking in melee) and either [charge] or [whirlwind], [whirlwind] allowing her to attack ALL adjacent targets with one action and [charge] allowing her to move and attack in the same activation.

She very quickly becomes an unkillable tank simply by virtue of her enormous HP pool.

Corbin- Skirmisher

Corbin is incredible because every time he gets hit for more than 1 damage he suffers 1 less damage. This is, in my opinion, one of the most efficient hero abilities in the game. He may only have 3 speed but he makes up for it with 5 Stamina and 12 health, and the Skirmisher Class really needs a lot of Stamina.

Depending on whether or not you aquire a weapon with Pierce early on you may want to spend your first XP on [keen edge] This gives him an automatic Pierce 1 whenever he uses an axe or blade and when paired with anything that has Pierce already the automatic Pierce stacking really cuts foes apart.

Another option is foregoing [keen edge] and saving that XP for [unrelenting]. [unrelenting] is one of the most bananas abilities in the game. It allows Corbin to exhaust it and FOR FREE (1 stamina) attack with another 1 hand weapon after resolving an attack with his other 1 hander. Once you've got two really good weapons equipped he is absolutely devastating because he's consistently attacking three times per turn.

The final piece of the puzzle is the 3 XP skill [unstoppable]. You gain 1 Stamina (giving him six) and whenever you gain one of those frustrating blue die misses you can simply change the result to WHATEVER YOU WANT. This means Corbin is attacking three times per turn via [unrelenting] and doing so with a zero percent chance of missing. Typically you'll have something with Pierce at this point and are stacking it with [keen edge] for guaranteed Pierce and consistent damage. Using this build with Dawn blade in the kindred fire campaign is just disgusting.

Lindel- Monk

Now typically I use apothecarys for my healers but I've opted for Monk here because this group is so overpowered and Tanky that you reach a point pretty early on where the need for a red die heal is extremely rare. Jaes has so much health and Corbin takes so little damage that they simply don't require heals very much.

Lindel has the benefit of rolling two grey die for stat checks and having 3 for all of his stats. Say goodbye to annoying situations where you can't beat a level due to a certain obnoxious stat check. This group has stat checks covered given that Jaes has 4 lore, Corbin has 5 strength and Lindel will pass almost every stat check. Lindel also has five speed and five Stamina.

Your first XP should be spent on [Cleansing Touch]. This makes it so that those annoying status effects which can cripple a party get removed whenever he uses Prayer of Healing.

I recommend saving your next 3 XP in order to purchase [Vow of Freedom] by this point you want Lindel equipped with a good exotic weapon because VOF allows him to change any blue X result to a result of his choice. Since Corbin has [unstoppable] you've now got two characters incapable of missing with attacks.

Next I usually take [inner Balance] because it's another way to remove status effects and I find myself resting fairly often with Lindel due to stamina moving etc.

His final skill is the 2xp [Divine Fury] whenever he heals someone their next attack adds a yellow die and this pairs very well with the huge attacks dealt by Corbin.

I tried this as a four person group with an apothecary to main heal and the monk to secondary heal but it was really unnecessary. I have yet to find a more effective group. let me know what you guys think.

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If you're aiming to make the most powerful group possible, there are some pretty extreme combinations.


For example, against large groups a Hexer can place all 20 hex tokens in a single round (hex someone, plague cloud to a bunch of monsters, viral hex, all combined with the hex doubler), and a Seer Kel Necromancer can follow up right after by simultaneously hitting every single monster in the room (army of the dead, with seer kel's LOS ignoring ability, hits everyone) and exploit those tokens for a +20 damage full room attack.  Realistically speaking, nothing survives this.  A simple 2-man combo that will wipe out any large monster group halfway through the first turn.


For smaller groups, we have the conjurer.  The conjurer can easily keep up 4 images because the RtL AI is too stupid to kill the 3rd and 4th like a good OL would.  Meaning every single turn he can attack FIVE times, each with a bonus green die, and the fifth attack getting a +4 damage bonus.  This will annihilate any small encounter or boss easily.


And to top everyone off, an Elder Mok bard with the staff of light (pick this up in the 2nd story mission) can heal everybody for 5 health and 4 fatigue every turn, while also providing all other characters with +1 damage to all attacks, making your group functionally immortal, not that it was really necessary since every encounter ends in one turn.  It's more about the 4 fatigue every turn which ensures that everybody else never has to rest and can always use their most expensive skills.


To do this, start off your turn by recovering 1 fatigue from concentration, then moving both song counters to Understudy for 2 fatigue, then activating staff of light twice for 4/4 recovery across the group, then moving the two song tokens back to Mending and War for 4 fatigue, and finally healing everyone for 1 more health with mending while recovering a fatigue.  The fatigue balances out so this is sustainable indefinitely.  Get Wayfarer so you can move 4 spaces per turn for free while doing this.


In our games we generally avoid using any of these combos, as they make it trivially easy, I can't imagine how boring playing with the full set would be :P

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Yeah, you have to get to the second story mission to get going, but from there, any of those combos basically breaks the rest of the campaign.  The rebalance thread I'm working on addresses all of these as well as making a lot of the weaker skills and classes more useful :)

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Yepp, thats the problem of the plague cloud. It targets every figure with a hex token (after giving hex tokens), then, you can use the hex tokens to pump up the (single) attack. I'd prefer a rule that says: the hex tokens give the monster +x wounds (for each monster targeted individually) rather than boosting the attack.

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