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Boba Rick

Free ParaGoomba Slayer!

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I'm starting this thread for those of us who miss our dearly departed ParaGoomba Slayer.  We mourn his recent ban and wish him all the best, and should FFG in their abundant mercy allow him back we'd all appreciate it.




(Haters go pound sand, respectively.)

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Gods, no. I remember when I first visited these forums, and in one of the first posts I read, he was spewing so much vitriol about something he considered broken, I strongly reconsidered even getting into the game.

His ban can only be a good thing. The community, the forums, and the game are all better off without him and his inane, toxic psycho-babble.

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So here's the last thread he was active in where he talks about quitting the post office job he had. 





Great thread.  We got to see the PGS at his best.  Also, consider his following words of wisdom:



"I'm a bit lonely though."


"I remember when I loved a beautiful woman. "Aww Nick, you're the greatest guy ever, but I don't see you that way."


"I'm tired of the weather and all of you customers with weapon animals you call, "Dogs"."


"You want to be an obnoxious rules lawyer? Well two can play at this game."


"TIE Avenger and Assault Gunboat."


"When I got bit by a dog on my route, I told the nurse at the hospital, "At least I don't have to deliver the mail."


"There is no such thing as a childfree woman btw. Either they want human children one day, or they have cats as children."


"Palp needs a nerf more than Zuckuss does."


"You're going to fail anyways, might as well not stress out about it all day."


"Victory is much sweeter when you defeat your opponent in spirit in addition to the actual game."


"gimme guaranteed damage plz"


"I don't drink alcohol."


"Yeah, I realized soon after I made the post that I was stupid and wrong..."


"Winning is fun."


"Okay, but Palp Aces still ruins the game."


"I'm anti-fly casual because it just harms the community."


"Lose. After all you can't possibly have fun if you're trying to win."


"Being a prick is a plus in their eyes."


"I grew up with them and I hate them."


"If I miss a trigger, even if you went out of your way to ambush me into forgetting it, I will be perfectly 100% okay with you denying it to me. That's because I /fly casually/."


"You can only go up from a pile of **** on the floor."


"I didn't mean to be douchey about it, but okay."


"What about succumbing to reason?"


"Git gud and read the rules pls"


"There is even a 20+ page thread on the FFG forums about my little pony."


"But of course, be offended by my non-offensive statement."


"Since he doesn't break the game, he has no place in the meta."


"I have done nothing wrong, and I've always been right."


"Thanks Doug Kinney for Fly Casual, what an excellent mantra!"


"Actually, yes, this forum is my soap box. It's also yours. That's the whole point of this place."


"I don't insult players as they're playing if they deny me a trigger."


"I was vindicated. You want to rules lawyer that's fine, just be correct about it."


"Yeah, winning coins is definitely fun. I can fully shield my Palp Aces squad with all of my coins."


"New game mechanics are only a problem if you can't read."


"Awwwwww. :( "



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literally all he ever said was "xwings suck" and "palp is the most broken card in the game"



No, that is not all he ever said.   He was a sad man who used x-wing and these forums to vent his frustration and try to make people as miserable as he was.   It was not helpful to anyone but himself.

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