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Wording: May resolve

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Per the rules:



You may resolve any number of dice in your pool that have the same symbol, one at a time.

After you resolve a die it returns to the card that it came from.

Damage from a die or a die resolved with modifiers must be dealt to a single character.


Thus, you can resolve 0 or more die with the same type and assign each die (or a die and its modifiers together) to one or more characters. This also means that you must resolve the ENTIRE die (that is, if you roll 3 focus you can't spend 1 and bank two).

Actually the wording says any nummer of dice. So using 2 of the 3 focus should be fine. right? Any means Just that, any, so "banking" is legal. some where a long the release I think this must be clarified. However

HOW often would you not resolve e them all. COSTING an extra action but a focus still available After some one claimed the battlefield might be huge

Anyway I think a leaflet is not enough for the complex timing and tactics this game brings to the table


The 3 focus reference in the quoted text is all on one dice.


tropoFarmer means if you have one dice with a 3Focus result on it you cannot use one point of it to change one other dice to any side and 'bank'/keep 2Focus for another action - if you don't use all 3, the remainder is lost.



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