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Secret Society Issues

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I think the Inquisitorial factions would serve well for this. They all have secret agendas and projects that conflict with one another. If you don't have it, the DH1 supplement Radical's Handbook has loads of great info on them. It's been a while since I looked at it but I think Disciples of the Dark Gods has more, as well.

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Look to Cthulhu rpg publications for lore...


I would look at Delta Green books

Also try Hunter the Reckoning by White Wolf (game is divided into factions - good organizations that could work with Ordos)


DH is essentially those games by in a 40k universe...


Then outside of all that there are criminal groups > even governments today utilize criminal groups in order to reign in broader or worst types of criminality (i.e. the crooks police themselves)...


Even non-heretical criminals exist - its all about what one has that the other person wants - and NO LOYALTY aint gonna cut it




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