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Pictures from your games here

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Game day on Sunday, February 19th.  We play two simultaneous games (four people in each game), one on the regular board and one on the Cataclysm board.  The time card sits in the middle.  Whenever either board draws an event the time card rotates.  It points to day on one board and night on the other.

Expansions: Dungeon and City are attached to the regular game board; Highlands and Woodlands are attached to the Cataclysm game board.  Other: Reaper, Blood Moon, Sacred Pool, Frost March, Firelands.  Because of the complexity of playing two game boards, I am opting to leave out Harbinger and Dragon, though the next time we do this I think I will add Harbinger in seeing as the omen decks can be entirely separate.

Rather than having one Adventure Deck, I actually took all of the Adventure cards and split them into two decks, one for each board.  I made sure to put the Cataclysm Adventure Deck cards only into the Cataclysm side, doing the same also for the extra Highlands, Dungeon, and Woodlands cards.  Otherwise both decks are a mixture of all of the expansions.  We get to see way more cards between the two games this way.

This is the second time that we have done the split-board game.  The last time we didn't use any of the corner expansions.  Surprisingly, both games finished up within 15 minutes of each other.


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Some mates around for the pre-deconstruction Talisman in Lego - played Feb 2017.  Hoping to rebuild/rework and add the 2nd Ed based City full expansion in Lego as well for the next time around.

Also the Inquisitor (with helmet and sword and the charming jester as a less than helpful follower) bumps into the Necromancer in the fields (next to the graveyard) where a market place has set up shop.

Next time will do a bit more stylising of the diorama elements - but it's still gotta be a recognisable board for simple playability.

The lads.jpg

Inquisitor at the market.jpg

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