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Lord Dragon

Talisman card and token organizers

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I made these for a buddy of mine and he really loved them so I thought I would share them here



This is a very good base for an organizer.  


Light and dark fate could be organized top and bottom row... with the "fate side" showing to the left.  So there is a way to incorporate that clearly.


I do feel that there needs to be a follower section and a MUCH larger items section to incorporate the item limit that mules and carts allow.  Perhaps you could even break items up between standard items and trinkets - those often need to be separated to keep your item limits organized at a glance.   I'm not sure what the face down treasure card is supposed to represent?  Just a header for the section? - If so, I see that as just some wasted space you could utilize.


As much as I like the talisman on its own, I feel like it needs to be within the items section for limits purposes.  


Do the cones stack fine?


If space allowed, there should also be a spot for at least one destiny and one quest.


Overall - very cool idea, and could be very awesome with a tweak.  Nice work.

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