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Greetings All,

I have been ask to add to this idea, I thought I put it here?

In my many years of playing games, Alpha and Beta Testing as well as play testing games II had a thought?

When I was in my mid to late 20's ( i'm 49 now) I played the Star Wars Saga RPG module for Lvl's 4-5 called The Crypt Of Sallos Morn. My very favorite mod to play, I found myself trying to adjust it for other Lvl's of play( it was challenging but oh so fun!). Any way there in a cantina on any planet that a rumor is there is an all powerful energy surged item or power sourcrce that can be harness to run anyone or anything?

It was on a distant world on or outside the Outer Rim, on a wooded or jungle world. The players ship crash landers on this world with hyper drive damage and engines will not fire at all. So,they find themselfs looking for this power source when they fall apron a hue caven of mystery.

I personally would love to see this as an EoE, AoR, FD, or IA modular. I also would love to help develope it'd for FFG!!! ( I have the old PDF for it ).

Thank you for reading this Post .

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