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Sgt Mack

Expansion Investigator Cards - Omitted?

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Greetings all,


Today I finally acquired my copies of the MoM 2nd Ed expansions: "Suppressed Memories" and "Recurring Nightmares".

After I inventoried the contents, I found myself wondering why there are absolutely ZERO investigator cards in either box.

I was also wondering were the Monster Tiles disappeared to. There are none in either box as well.


I can accept the Monster Tiles being missing as the app should handle them. But, It is rather difficult to play this game when the Investigators have no stats or abilities.


Can anyone from FFG explain this oversight? Or is this this "as intended"? If it is as intended I will have to sell/return these expansions as I don't have the Investigator Cards.


Any guidance (or shipment of missing components) would be greatly appreciated.

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Man I was panicking when I bought the expansion and didnl't have the cards ... found the upgrade kit (Love the wife) wow that is a lot of investigators ... must be other expansions from the first edition I haven't found yet!

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