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Fearless N'Dru with Cluster Missiles. Hmm...

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N'Dru Suhlak (17)

Fearlessness (1)

Cluster Missiles (4)

Glitterstim (2)

Guidance Chips (0)


Total: 24



If IF you can manage to get your PS7 Z-95 self into range 1 staring down your opponent.  Pop your glitter and hope you don't die.  Then proceed to open up with a potential 10 damage.  Is this a thing that people have been talking about?


(forum search didn't bring up nothing and I don't recall hearing on the podcasts yet but I haven't hit them all.)


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Yup, balls-nasty.  A steal at 24 points, to be sure.


I've been tinkering with including N'dru with Manaroo and Fenn, like thus:


Manaroo - PTL / Unhinged / Recon Spec / EU

N'dru - Fearlessness / Clusters / GC / Glitterstim

Fenn - Fearlessness / APT / Title / AT


Alpha strikes at 7 dice and 8/10 dice?  Sold!

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I have about a 55% win rate with Lone Wolf, Cluster, Stim, Guidance Chimps N'Dru and 2 Black Sun Aces and Polab.  


See in Yet another Squad Buidler


The thing about N'Dru is he is flying a Z-95.  He dies easily and has a big target on his back.  If it looks like your opponent is going to over commit to killing him early then use him to draw your opponent into a kill zone for your other ships.  IF, however, they leave him alone, he can make them pay in a hurry.

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