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Draw me Closer, I want to hit them with my laser sword

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I think you are missing the point of the synergy of Niman vs Ataru. A Niman disciple can use a force move if he misses something the Ataru can not. Sure if the Ataru hits it's a "blast" and so it's talents are geared towards heavy "damage" (crits and damage itself or other effects) but it's not like it's Hawk Bat Swoop is in a vacuum, it should synergize with the other talents and so while if an Ataru hits he hits hard but if he misses nothing happened, the Niman on the other hand hits moderately but might hit constantly with his move power (and all the other effects you can creatively come up with). 

Also don't forget he gets defensive training and the Sum Djem which the Ataru doesn't (though Ataru gains saber throw, but with the recent headache it gives i am doubtful about the benefit of having it on a single spec Ataru having only one FR).


So yeah, talents should synergize. 

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Quick further question... you mentioned ways of countering Ataru, did you have anything in particular in mind?




-Find ways to up the difficulty of the lightsaber check to make it less of a sure bet that you'll hit.  Ranks in defensive, armor, or other ways of adding setback are good.  If it's a significant opponent, ranks in Adversary should be added as well.  


-If this is a lightsaber wielding opponent, a decent amount of ranks in parry are a must, as this will shave off 3+ damage off of each hit.  If you do that, be sure to add a method of strain recovery as well, your Nemesis could very well be burning through 6+ strain every turn just parrying the Ataru user.


-For non-Force user minion groups, you just might need to add in a few more warm bodies to the minion group that goes after the Ataru user.  


-Remember that the Ataru user isn't a world class defender.  They get no Grit for added strain, and no ways of recovering the strain they DO have during combat.  Anything that makes them have to Parry or Reflect chips away vital strain they use while attacking, and they only get 2 ranks in each.


Hope all this helps!  As a semi-related aside to keeping things balanced, keep an eye on Autofire.  If your players use it to clean house regularly, it may need a houserule.  If a player picks up jury-rigged and tries to apply it to Autofire, head them off at the pass.  That way lies madness.

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Countering an Ataru user? Same as anything else; hit 'em in the dump stat. Ataru shines when engaged with an opponent, and has poor defense. It makes up for its lack of defense by being extremely mobile: your goal is to get within 'saber range of your opponent as quickly as possible, and use them as a meat shield.


Three things immediately come to mind when countering Ataru: immobilization, staggering, and autofire.


For example:

Bind power: don't let them close in on you.

Improved Terrify talent: keep them off you by staggering them. Let's see you throw your lightsaber NOW.

Any weapon set to autofire: open fire on them before they can mount their amazing offense; make them use Reflect a few times so that they are too winded to fight back.


You can also disarm your Jedi-esque Jumpman, thus robbing him of his primary means of dealing damage. 

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