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Community Driven Legacy Format

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So, something I have been toying around with for a long time. Legacy is complete garbage in UFS. It's hard to support, hard to get in to, and degenerate. How can we make legacy something fun again, something people want to play. I would like to propose the CommitOne format to everyone.

I've created a webpage for it here: http://www.commitone.com (the sites design is still very rough but the content is there.)

Basiclly after seeing the popularity of the Magic EDH format, It made total sense to me that UFS should have its own legacy highlander format. I want it to be player driven and I want the banned list and rules feedback  to come directly from player feedback. I have set forth my first draft of what the format should be on the site only to get the ball rolling, so if you disagree with the particulars leave feedback in the forums and it will be taken into account at a review period.

Let me know what you guys think!

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Personaly, I like the idea and think a legacy highlander format would be fun, but I would also very much like to see a player supported regular legacy format to go along side it.

On a side note, Yoga Mastery needs to be banned.  Probably battle prowes and BRT to, just to name a few.

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I don't see why Yoga Mastery or Battle Prowess for that matter would have to be banned in a Highlander format...

The main cards I'd want banned from any Highlander format are just about any forms of recursion.  Military Rank, The Gorgeous Team, even Unorthodox Style.

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Yoga, BRT, and battle prow all crossed my mind but i did not add them to the inital list for a few reasons:

  1. Wanted to see how many cards we could have unbanned to start with and start banning from that point on. If thoes cards are too good then it will show probably right away.
  2. A lot of thoes cards have not been tested in a legacy format with interactions and answers, and I think that especally in a highlander format it will be way easier to not only be packing an answer by virtue of thier being nothing else, but because their are a lot more of them.
  3. Specifically for Yoga Mastery - Clogging your card pool can be a real cost in legacy highlander, once that was often mitigated previously. Additonally a 4 difficulty no block foundation is obviously not that great when people can run around with +1 mid 1 check 6 control foundations, especally since it cant be reliably pulled when needed.

All that being said if you like the overall idea for the format you should totally post and register on the forums. Since I want this to be an open format that is player driven I will be posting polls and the like to get player feedback on cards once people have started playing.

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Billiard player needs to be banned for sure, i've added it to my highlander legcy list because it's absolutely retarded.

Also I banned Higher calibur for pretty much the same notion and the fact that it pretyy much shuts down one attack per turn :/

I'm debating banning Olcadan's mentoring because of it's power level and Lynettes' shop because quite frankly it's the best card available in Highlander in that it can become any other card.


Still.. that aside I feel that the banlist for highlander should be relatively small, I propose abolishing the current bans and making a separate banned list for this format. Proto i'd like to aid this format as much as I can, any suggestions me a line at my Email ( which is in my sig)




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I'm going to post some polls on the feedback here. As I said previously, these cards probably do merit being watched but i wanted to only ban cards that were obviously broken, not just overpowered. Other game formats like EDH have many cards that are staple because of their powerlevel (Clone for Blue mages so on and so forth) but the are just good, not broken, and player accept that fact with a smile.

I'm not going to deny recursion is good in this format, but recursion is just solid in any format. Tutoring, drawing, and Cycling are also very strong, but I would rather see what happens first. before rampant bannings. Check out the commit one boards in a few for some polls.

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I agree. I was more just joking (though poorly) and selfishly rehashing old glory since that's sadly all I have left. That being said, I did make a rough draft  of cards for a potential highlander alex deck in this format (see below):


Attacks (8):
Pommel Smash 3/3 (All, Fire)
Overhand Throw 5/3 (All)
8th Bill of Punishment 5/3 (All, Fire)
Power Bomb 5/2 (All, Fire)
Seichu 5/2 (All, Fire)
Concealed Shallow Swipe 4/2 (Fire)
Yoga Roundhouse Kick 5/2 (All)
Dark Force Mirage Body 6/1 (All)


Actions (8):
Revitalize 5/4
Tag Along 5/4
Rejection 3/5 (Life)
Kung Fu Training 2/5
Divination ¾
Happy Holidays ¾
Super Freak Lunge 4/4
Replenishment 6/3

Asset (9):
Sound Advice 3/3
Pigeon Games 2/5
Basket of Tricks 3/4
A Giant of a Man 3/4
Addes Syndicate ¼
Fatigues 0/3
Olcadon’s Mentoring 0/6
Path of the Master 2/5
Seal of Cessation 3/3

Foundations Total (45):
Saikyo-Ryu 0/4
Loving Devotion 0/6
Powerful Style 0/5
Rootless 0/5
The Tae Kwon Do Zephyr 0/5
Rat Chaser 1/5
Demon Hunting ¼
Lover ¼
The Curse Broken 1/6
The Ninja Computer Geek 1/5
Enslaved 1/5
Ancient Fighting Style ¼
Hunt for Jin 1/5
E.S.P. 1/5

BRT 2/5
Military Rank 2/5
Unorthodox Style 2/5
Anti Social 2/5
Abelia’s Friendship 2/4
Controller of Souls 2/5
False Pretenses 2/5
Fight or Flight 2/4
Flames of Fame 2/5
Lesser of Many Evils 2/5
Researching the Past 2/4
Unorthodox Training 2/5
Hero of Southtown 2/5
Body of Souls 2/5
Psycho Style 2/5

Bitter Rivals 3/4
Vast Resources 3/5
Charisma 3/6
Float Like a Butterfly 3/5
The Ultimate Team 3/5
Mortal Strike 3/5
Criminal Past 3/5
Collector 3/4
Mystic ¾
Make a Difference ¾
Silent Step 3/3

Yoga Mastery 4/6
Chester’s Backing 4/6
Tough Outer Shell 4/5
Silver Spoon 4/4

Jade Crusher
6 other cards, some that help Sakura kill and to trade out the fire only cards.

Penny Arcade 3/5 (Fire)?

Also I registered on your new forums via your site.

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Hey Fred, I checked out your site after reading this thread and I really like where you are going with things. I also like how your site has its own forums for ban/watchlist debate.

I think our Scout mentioned it in another thread but our plans within our playgroup is to to slowly reintroduce legacy components to our meta, that way examining different sets of cards and intereactions bit by bit. Obviously this method will end up arriving at full-on legacy, and I am a strong proponent of Highlander as well.

In any case, it isn't a revolutionary idea to do this, but it is amazing of you to take the steps to creat the site, the forums, etc. I will sign up and contribute my findings and suggestions as they are made on your forums there.

- dut

ps. I also like Paul's Alex draft ^^, I think the All symbol, being that it has strong access to card draw and recursion, is one of the better Highlander symbols to play with.

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On paper Giradot's looks amazing, as does you must defeat shen long, but in reality they hold weight.

These were cards typically used for combo builds and it is really hard to pull off any sort of combo with 1 copy of any given piece. Since its legacy their are enough redundant pieces floating around for aggro and control to not need any one specifc card, especally not at the cost of a 6 diff foundation and a committal.

A player could build a fire promo adon deck right now with nothing but the games most brutal attacks like chain throw, foundations that are mostly 0, 1 and 2 difficutly that are nothing but super damage and speed pumps (friends and rivals, a literal truckload of 1/5 +damage foundations, etc), and maybe a challenge the master for good measure. WHat would that ever need garidots for. Likewise an order deck with some 20 foundations that commit cards. A deck that needs to pull any one given card to win that isnt the character it start's with is going to lose the game most of the time.

I find better than garidots are foundations that let you cycle cards, as they are better Diff/CC ratios and usually let you see more cards. Controller of Souls, Fatherly Love, Algols attacks, frantic search, etc are all probably more often going to serve you than Giradot's.

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