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streamline TI3

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new editions in games are streamline they mechanism , i love the game but today is impossible get it into the table just because TI3 is complex for beginners and this made hard to recruit new blood into the game.

i love the game is my top 1 game and i own around 20-25 board games but the last time i play it was a year ago.

if this game have a new edition must be streamline 


my ideas


- i love the strategic cards so i will keep it

- the command strategy also untouched

- streamline the tech-tree is to much complex for new and occasional players

- new way to keep score the planets and resources (forbidden stars by example) eliminate the planets card somehow

- try to remove the sand box concept , i really love this but i never could play with distant suns, ambassadors and leaders 



what are your thoughts and ideas about this?

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This is how I would do it:


I would borrow some ideas from Star Wars: Rebellion.  I would combine the concept of both "leaders" and "activation tokens" so that leaders are what you activate your systems with.  I would possibly also combine the concepts of the Strategy cards, Political cards and Action cards into a single card type and use them in a similar way to how missions are in Rebellion: you either activate a system with one of your leaders to move ships there, or you activate a system to attempt a mission (one of these cards) in that system, with each leader having specialisations in different areas (military, trade, politics, etc).  Opposing players can send their leaders to try to oppose your missions.


I would try to find some way to make combat faster and allow more players to participate during it.  Maybe players in adjacent systems can "support" one side or the other in some way...?


I would also offload all special abilities from the different units and move these on to technologies instead.  Having to explain all the different unit abilities to new players is probably the biggest roadblock of getting this to the table with new groups.


I also agree about streamlining how tech works, with no classic "tech tree".  I would also make the tech names easier to parse so it's more obvious what they do without having to read all of the text!  Maybe even combine techs with the "missions" idea above and just make them another type of mission you have to complete.  Also agree with somehow removing the planet cards.  Maybe also combined with my idea for mission cards above, at the end of each round each planet lets you draw a certain type of mission card, or something like that...?

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Without having a clue how to do it without removing the flavour and depth of the game (ive not given it much tought) id still be all for anything that could streamline and reduce the amount of card and token management needed to play the game.


Runewars had, imo, a brilliant way of handling resources with its moving dials on the racial sheet. Id love to see something similar if TI ever gets a new edition.

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