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I said it before but: Rhun, Erebor, Esgaroth and Dale are a must have for me as we have never been there (outside Saga) and are pretty realistc in my opinion. Other stuff on my personal wish list:


1. Back to mirkwood - It's been an eternity since we have been there (just 1 or 2 quests when we are in dale anyway would be enough for me e.g. getting help from the elves)

2. Rohan - Odd but we never really quested there (outside Saga), the Isengart cycle just took us to Dunland and back.

3. The Shire - Again never really been there outside Saga. We could have some VERY Special quests there (e.g. deliever mail :D; a hard Task for the Designers, but could be fun) aka PoD-Stuff

4. Mordor - I would say very unrealistic but we are in the middle of the Harad cycle preview wise and could "easily" "hop" over the mountains. The same holds true if we go North (to rhun)

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Most has already been mentioned so only a few tidbits to add in regards to enemies:
-Really loved the nameless ones from Foundations of Stone (and sort of in Ruins of Belegost) and would love to see a new/reimagined version of them in some quest eventually. There has to be other underground areas or kindgoms that are deep enough to contain nameless ones. 

-Werewolves. As far as I'm aware the only werewolf we have received was in Siege of Annuminas and doesn't even have the werewolf trait just has the creature trait! Would love to see some werewolves in a quest that they would make sense in. Maybe some large shaggy ones that dwell in the snow and frost at Forochel (Utumno was somewhere around here originally). 

-Olog-hai! I want armoured trolls that serve Mordor already! Enough wild cave and hill trolls!

-Drakes/A Drake. Would absolutely love to see an end of cycle boss that is a giant drake or dragon that has secretly outlived Smaug. Absolutely LOVE Naurlhug in Ruins of Belegost. Potentially my favourite boss in this game. Such a nasty but thematic ability (perfectly captures flame breath!), amazing art and its really clever the way he pops in and out of play as well. 
We only have him and Smaug so I don't think a third unique Dragon or Drake would be silly, I think it would be really neat!

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Mirkwood hasn't been visited for quite some time, I really miss some spiders and bats.

And Anfalas, I'm sure there's something interesting there besides Herdsmen and their sheep.

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