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Cardinal ignato

Help with 1,500 XP to create pit fighting cleric?

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I have never been one to take a fighter class in any games. All of a sudden I decide to create a cleric who is not only illiterate he fights like a troll with a hammer and shield any advice on how to take advances that best suite a brawler. Even in D&D I never played one now people have bolters.

His stat line read.

WP: 39

Fel: 35

Per: 29

Int: 30

AG: 32

T: 40


W: 36

BS: 29

10 wounds 1 fate.

Just throwing it out in the void, some people like making characters. The obvious choice is Soundd constitution nth times but alas he is a cleric. Cheers.

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Alright so your Toughness is good as is your WS and S, this should be an easy thing to do. Now if you could speak with your GM about what books are allowed that could help us narrow down background options or Alternate Ranks which could help you form this character idea you have going on.

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All books are allowed. I own most but have never tried to build a killing machine, some players I know have ways of turning 1,500 points into something pretty lethal. I usually try to go for roleplay material not min/max but this is a min max guy. A hive born non-reading hardly speaking low gothic redeemist from Gun Metal City, oh and he can't hit the broad side of a factoruim with a bolter. And his strength is actually 40 for bonus melee damage.

Someone smarter than me could tweak a cleric out but maybe I just don't have the correct alternate advance rules? Thanks for the reply though, I will miss this community a lot. I may not have posted as much but I read and pilfered some great ideas, frakk a lot of people helped put out 2 e. It was a nice home. Oh well back to heretic squashing! There is only War!

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If your GM is allowing BoM faith powers, then I'd suggest the following...

Career progression: Redemptionist , Confessor , Priest ,

Background: Blessed Birth (BoM, p56).

100xp, + 1 fate point.

Starting skills/talents:

Speak Lang (Low Gothic) Int

Common Lore (Imperial Creed) Int

Literacy Int

Performer (Singer) Int

Melee wpn (Primitive)

Pistol wpn (SP)

Basic wpn (Flame)

Redemptionist :

Sound Constitution x 2


Hatred (Heretics)

Confessor :

WS +5 (250 x2)

Sound Constitution +1 (150 xp, using elite advance from Novice)

Pure Faith (200 xp )



Die Hard

Wrath of the Righteous (200 xp , from Redemptionist )

You loose out on starting with a firearm , which could be a problem but you can use your starting cash to buy a stub revolver and an upgraded Hammer

Good quality Hammer + Pneuma-shock upgrade ( equivalent to Mono , but for blunt weapons)

Pneuma-shock Hammer, Melee (Primitive) 1d10+1, pen 2, not primitive

Cost 250 thrones ((10+40)*5)

Recommended first talent to purchase once you earn more xp is Flames of faith.

(Did this as a min-max exercise!)

Edit: Slight error on xp costs means take Die Hard in place of the SC at lvl 2 and take the SC+1 from lvl3 at that level.

The SC +1 from lvl1 can be taken later...

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Forgot to add traits and homeworld skills, also you can get SC +2 from Initiate (level 2) as elite advances. This build allows you to get Emperor's Wrath and Emperor's Sign Faith talents for 200xp per talent, those being both the most in keeping with the concept you outlined, and generally more useful.

You need to have a firearm due to the "Packing Iron" trait, but your low BS means it won't be much use, hence taking a reliable pistol as backup to the flamer .

Taking Redemptionist as the first career IS MIN-MAXing, as the shield robes (AP3 all)are better, scarcer and more expensive than all the normal starting gear, plus your free flamer!

Performer (Singer) also fits the idea of chanting hymns of detestation as you crush the Emperor's foes, whilst Hatred(Heretics) both fits the image and is useful.

Confessor (BoM) as lvl 2 is less obvious as min-max, but the reduced cost for Emperor's Sign, with early access to Air of Authority talent is pure power gamer!

Hope that this gives you some insight into the build...

Crush and Burn!

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and now my take on him



Speak Language (Low Gothic)

Speak Language (Metallican Character)

Common Lore (Imperial Creed)


Interrogation (x2)




Melee Weapon (Primitive)

Pistol (SP) (x2)

Basic Weapon (Primitive) or Thrown (Primitive)

Unshakable Faith

Basic Weapon (Flame)


Background: Redemptionist Firebrand (pg 32 TIH) 200 point

Level 1  Confessor

Awareness 100

Pure Faith 200

Level 2   Redemptionist

Frenzy 100

Hatred (Heretic)  100

Sound Con  100

Sound Con  100

Sound Con  100

Level 3 Priest

Dodge 100

Sprint 100

Willpower +5  100

Wrath of the Righteous (200)


You have 1 skill and 1 talent doubled

I would ask your GM

about swapping for Performer (Singer) for Intimidate

and Resistance (Heat) for Pistol (SP)

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