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Cardinal ignato

Rushkinite Techpriests, The Class of Faith, Clockwork Astropaths.

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I intend to create a ship, but I realize the group here on FFG is most likely gearing up their drop pods and readying to skip out before the hive rats beat them to it. That being said I find it the perfect time to pose a few questions for much finer lathed minds than mine.

First this is all very speculative and non canon stuff. What would one say would be the melding of the ecclesiastical and the believers of the Omnissiah? I understand the idea is in direct odds with STC and so forth but what would be an avenue to pursue Tech-Priests as Artisians? I am imagining an entire Forge world yet dedicated to the soul purpose of building a ship that would be itself a new kind of STC, obviously this is heretical possibly a lost STC hidden. Maybe Pre-Heresy Juris and Explorator combine to root out imperfections by imbracing the humanity that fails them, believing they are but extension of their tools or a holy relic tool built for say shaving down one of a billion rivets to a micrometer. And they would possibly speak not like the average binary chatter some even engaging in complicated if not mechanical poetry, who knows a Tech Priest walks into a bar with a degree in the humanities....Again just looking for ideas.

Second, the ship they have built to spread the word into the void what class and type would people envision? A dwarf like ironclad in space? A oddly thick craftworld? A steampunk nightmare sucking the sacred oil from the crew to keep it going at all costs its payload a thousand flamer wielding clerics? What kind of family would touch such a Warrant of trade when it is not likely to be met well by anyone dying dynasty or plucky ripe nippers with the warp in their hair?

Thirdly and last, who is insane enough to navigate such a ship if not some how involved in the creation of it from the outset? Are these even living beings or amazing devices which in fact can do to a certain extent what a human astropath could accomplish. Or is it a special family bred for patience to deal with artisian tech priests.

Obviously this is a one off a the greatest import, an entire planet family of astropaths and hundreds upon hundreds of generations anticipating the one and only maiden voyage of the ship that will possibly convert the Tryant Star.

Blessed be your bolters, and good luck with all your games.

Yes it should read Ruskinite not Rushkinite as if the Nick Harkaway google searches already were not tripping over ballot boxes in some random county in the United States. And yes this breaks all the warnings of the Machine God, especially A.I. but this is a philosophical ship of the line on a mission from the God-Emperor. This would be a Missionary endevour for artifacts allowing for a motley crew as long as everyone understood the ship was the mission. Frakk it might come alive and be the mission..... apologies to all the hard working Rushkinites.

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