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The Nether Realm Is Available Again On Fantasy Flight's Website. Hopefully They're Doing the Same For The Deep Realms As Well.

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Thanks for the heads up!  It's ordered (along with The Dragon and The Reaper, which are becoming hard to find elsewhere.)  Fingers crossed for that Deep Realms reprint also... sure would be great to get the full set completed before February!

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Thats good news that some stock is becoming available again. We can all rest easy.


There been a real zombie apocolypse feel of late at gameshops  re Talisman sets. All the ones I go to have sold out of everything, with stripped shelves inhabitted by a lone empty crisp packet blowing in th wind. Then last week......


Breaking news........


Innocent game shop owners started  being mobbed by frothing at the mouth blood crazed Talisman fans in a feeding frenzy of last minute desperate buying.

Balaclaverd hoodlems have been seen running down high streets with stolen shopping trollies, full of Dragons and Neatherelms, whilst Goverment buildings are besieged by frightened masses bearing placards bearing slogans such as ... "Why has the sacred pool dried up" "we want Pandoras box not Andoran socks" "Don't Frostmarch us into oblivion"  "The Reaper is coming" "Tiddles loves Cataclsym" and "Wheres my Inquisitor?"


The Goverment have ordered the public to remain calm whilst experts from Talisman Island are called  in to explain the mass hysteria.  The chairman of the board at FFG is taken to a secure location after fears for his safety.

Panic buying is made ilegal as the military are mobilised.


In the city the  stock market goes into melt down as suited,red braced, bulging eyed, dealers spittle scream "Buy Harbinger buy  Woodlands buy buy buy ......down red hot mobiles


Small third world countries entire economies collapse under the pressure as tin pot rebel gorilla groups fill the power vacuum leading to mass civil unrest.


The black market moves in to fill the horrible black void offering pirate copies labelled Talismonk , Trollisman.

"psst love wanna a buy a  genuine Tallibrand Woodlice expansion, very cheap "


The superpowers go after the last remaining unsold stock in Kazakstanabad and before we know it ..boom...genuine Cataclysm.


So  lets stay calm out there people and remember  one set per person.



ps I've just bought a shrink wrapped version of the game to keep for prosperity. Its currently stored in my reinforced Highland bunker. :ph34r:

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