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Been working the following list:


Fenn's Party Boat


4 Lom+Zuckuss+Dengar



Deadeye+Proton Torps+Extra Munitions+Boba Fett+Guidance Chips


Fenn Rau




Wanted to get peoples' thoughts on the following:




Punishing One+Push The Limit+Proton Torps+Extra Munitions+Guidance Chips+K4 Securirt+Black Market Slicer Tools+Unhinged Astromech



Asajj Ventress

Push The Limit+Gyroscopic Targeting+Ketsu Onyo+Shadow Caster+ Black Market Slicer Tools


The hope is to get Asajj tractor someone and give Manaroo some options on how to melt those with the one less agility die.

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Tried this list out a couple times, but lost. I think it's more of a matter of me flying the shadow caster better. I also am contemplating taking K4 out and put in boba fett on manaroo to add in some extra fear on getting hit with proton torps

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