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Discarding Encounter Cards

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Played my first game today and enjoyed it.  


On page 12 of the rules, it says, regarding Ambushing "After he resolves that card, it is discarded." Meaning that if Dracula chooses to use his Encounter card in an ambush, then it is discarded after resolving the non-matured section of the card.  That is clear to me.


Here's my question...  In the 'Search' section is says that a hunter searches for and then resolves all the non-matured effects of the card.  So what happens to the encounter card after the hunter resolves it?  Does it stay on the hideout?  Is is discarded, like during the ambush?    



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IIRC (it's a long time since I tested this) once you resolve the encounter (whether by ambush or because of searching) it's discarded. Otherwise the search action would be downgraded a lot, and you couldn't use search on a card on the most prominent spot on the trail to prevent that encounter from maturing

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