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Joe Boss Red Seven

My Underwear IS Over-costed by 0.50... FIX!!!

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Being a huge-monster I shop in the BIG & TALL dept. I have to wonder if the MATH is correct in dat I have to pay about a Buck-Fiddy for my size in Hanes Comfort Boxer Briefs and T-Dogg Bone Tanks.


I feel my MOV and such-like would be vastly more reasonables if Hanes would cut the dam-price per set by 0,fiddy-cent!


I need my Biggie Tall meta to improves!

:angry:  :angry:  :angry:





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Joe, we love you, but stick to posting picture of your breakfast, NOT your underwear. 



Careful. . . .those are not his underwear, those are new, clean, as-advertised underwear.  DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY IDEAS! :o


Furthermore, Joe, it's not about the point cost, it's about the actions available for those points.  These set me back 8 clams, but now my wife can pet a Wookiee:



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