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Fluff Type Question - Inquisitor "Surgical Strike Force"

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OK - come the end of a scenario im running - the world the characters are at - was supposed to be prepared for a surgical strike which would overturn said world's authority and rein it back into the fold of the Imperium...


Not such a new concept


My question is - if said Inquisitor doesn't want the "wider" Imperium to know or learn of this local action - and thus said Inquisitor doesn't want to use Imperial Guard for the invasion - what other "quiet" options do they have at their disposal?


I was thinking a "travelling" Rogue Trader (IE in the neighborhood so to speak) gets forcibly recruited by said Inquisitor and thus fulfills the whole "secret war" theme / shenanigans (aka Bennigans casual dining LOL - jokes) ?



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I think that would totally work. 


The inquisitor whom my players' PC's work for has ties with a number of Rogue Traders whom he frequently enlists for help (usually just moving the PC's from planet to planet; but other options are certainly possible).  Thus far it's never been forcibly; it's usually some kind of deal involving the PC's doing some favor for the RT (which allows me to widen the variety of escapades that the PC's get involved in).  

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Well there's always the Inquisitions private armies that they likely have running around. They likely could get ahold of some Sororitas to quell the heretical government. Maybe even Deathwatch if it is Xenos inspired or Grey Knights if it is Daemon caused.


But yeah a Rogue Trader's private security force could work.

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I like the idea of the Sororitas coming...


I found this list online > figured t was good for the strike


    Saint Celestine
    4x 10 Battle Sisters: Veteran Sister Superior, Meltagun, Heavy Flamer,  in Rhino
    5 Battle Sisters: Veteran Sister Superior, Meltagun, Heavy Flamer, in Immolator w/Twin Linked Multi-Melta
    5 Retributors: 4 Heavy Bolters
    2x Exorcist
    7 Seraphim: Seraphim Superior, Two Hand Flamers, Two Inferno Pistols
    Aegis Defense Line: Quad gun


To add "depth" perhaps said Rogue Trader is only  transporting this force clandestinely for our Inquisitor (aka Secret Cargo lol)



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Uh, a saint isn't going to be around for a surgical strike.

The Inquisition keeps forces of Inquisitorial storm troopers for this kind of thing.

Very discreet, etc. Ring the Tricorn (or whatever if in Askellon) or have them already with you.

Barring that the Inquisitor's personal retinue of acolytes should be completely capable of that operation.

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Lots of options here.


The Rogue Trader idea (which could make for a cool RT plot) certainly is a possible way to approach this, but it'd give the Governor the opportunity to deem it a rogue action and radio for help from the wider Imperium. That doesn't necessarily make it problematic if the RT and the Inquisitor manage to conclude the operation within a few weeks and get rid of the evidence, but it could result in questions being asked once the dust has settled.


A bigger issue could be that it'll also have the local Arbites and the Clergy join the PDF in defending their world against these "pirates", which could prolong the conflict and thus increase the risk of off-world reinforcements arriving, not to mention giving the PDF a chance to rally.


For alternatives, I think the most obvious solution would be an Adeptus Assassinorum operative, as they're the go-to guys for taking out troublesome individuals. Of course, this only works if whoever will claim the throne afterwards will be more open to the prospect of re-integration into the Imperium, but perhaps the Inquisitor or rather his Acolytes could make sure that they have a candidate in place? I'd foresee a lot of roleplaying potential in (1) locating a suitable candidate among the local nobility and (2) then providing him or her with the support to fend off any contenders.


As for a larger strike force, this would depend a lot on the Inquisitor's Ordo affiliation. Certainly, an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus could draw upon the Adepta Sororitas to forcibly retire a heretical ruler, and Citadel Journal #49 featured a cool "Ordo Hereticus Strike Force" list:


"The Strike Forces of the Ordo Hereticus are composed of the elite of the Sisters of Battle. Led by an experienced Inquisitor they launch devastating surprise attacks against the enemies of the Imperial Creed. Often the first sign an apostate Cardinal or heretic demagogue sees of the Strike Force is the vapor trails of their drop pods as they plummet from the sky bringing the Emperor's judgement to all who transgress His laws.


The types of operations embarked upon by the joint forces of the Ordo Hereticus and the Adepta Sororitas are often sensitive and have at times amounted to little more than barely-sanctioned assassination. The most common mission is a rapid, surgical strike against a religious group. Often, the target of the attack will be a member of the Ministorum, perhaps a Cardinal or Missionary whose teachings have strayed too far from the accepted orthodoxy, forcing his excommunication. Such an individual may have a sizable following, and the Ordo will therefore expect stiff resistance to their attack. In such a situation it is imperative that the attack is carried out in secrecy; no witnesses are left to spread doubt, and no martyrs to the cause are allowed to inspire further rebellion. [...]"


  • HQ: 1 Inquisitor, 0-1 Canoness, 0-1 Celestian Superior, Celestian Bodyguard
  • Elite: 0-1 Vindicare Assassin, 0-1 Callidus Assassin
  • Troop: Celestian Squad (deployed via drop pod)
  • Fast Attack: Seraphim Squad (deployed from low-flying stratocraft)
  • Heavy Support: Deathwind Drop Pod (Dominica-pattern)

The Grey Knights, on the other hand, would seem like a bit *too much* of an overkill just to geek some random governor; they're too few and have other, more important battles to fight. The Deathwatch might fit, however, deploying in similar fashion to the Hereticus Strike Force outlined above.


Don't forget that Inquisitors may also call upon Inquisitorial Storm Troopers, however, as SirRunOn already mentioned. Requisitioning local support, like AxeSpanna pointed out, is also a good option, especially if you'd want to prevent news about this from spreading off-world.


Last but not least, an Inquisitor has the authority to requisition just about anything in the Imperium. Provided he or she has sufficient political pull, this may very well include Imperial Guard regiments permanently attached to the Inquisitor's command, just like they can zip around the galaxy in their own starship rather than having to rely on the Navy or other contacts. Granted, this is more something for Inquisitor Lords than your run-off-the-mill Inquisitor, but still worth pointing out.



Oh yeah, of course if you want to make it extra Grimdark you could also just have the Inquisitor call the Imperial Guard for help (providing false mission parameters when filing the request such as telling their superiors you're actually taking them to a wholly different place), and then order the captain of their transport (perhaps this could be the RT?) to space them as the ship departs.


To: Segmentum Command


Regretfully, I must inform you that the transport carrying the 47th Randomian Exemplars was lost to enemy action as it entered the warzone, causing the entire regiment to perish. Thoughts and prayers to their relatives, etc etc.




Inquisitor Dikk



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The basis or gist of the situation is as follows:


Black Op (or what we would call that)


Navigators discover a world hundreds of years ago - being next to said world interfers with their dreams - so much so it makes them "sick" (no other explaination therein)


Navigators contact Mechanicus "elements" because not only is world not charted but it also contains a crashed Voidship


Navigators and Mechanicus hatch out deal and planet is turned over to Mechanicus (aka an under the table trade deal)


Mechanicus stage the world and its moon (IE they build it up) so they can perform studies


Mechanicus needs fresh subjects for studies - perhaps of a particular DNA strain (not important - this is just a plot device)


Humans aka Nobles, Guilds, and all manner of human Authority come into the system (they are welcomed in by AdMech local element herein)


That moon is setup as a seat of power for the humans (think capital city + las vegas + wall street = all rolled into one)

There they trade away the thousands of serf lives under their various dominions (nobles, guilds, even pirates)


Planet side (Dust - like the mini game; same name) is a world were "sandworms" ala Dune dwell

The "spice" herein allows Biologis to create a compound - which temporarily makes human test subjects into psykers


The weaponization of said "spice" is top protocol

Eventually some sort of psyker (IE like Akira from the anime) "pops off" causing war and eventual nuclear exchange (by this time Dust had governments and nations of its own formed by the human test subjects - who were unknowningly being watched by the heavens above by the Biologis)...


The grand experiment is rolled back - the moon city aka seat of power is immediately quarantined - all non Mechanicus personnel are trapped there no matter who they are or how powerful they think they are!


Fast Forward a 100 years or so


Mechanicus begins a program by which "agents" are deployed out into the entirity of the Imperium

These agents erase all manner of knowledge that "Dust" exists (from data wiping to fires to assassinations and murder)

This erasure goes on for 20 to 30 years...


This ACTION gains the attention of the Ordos Hereticus (thus our Players and their Inquisitor are now involved)!


The Players are to do three things

A. Find Out WHY all the malfeasance went into "hiding" this world

B. Who's to Blame

C. Prep the world for a Surgical Strike (as to rein it back into the Imeprium without full blown war)


The Inquisitor (aka the Player's boss) instructs them that the world can't be destroyed - this action by the Holy Ordos must remain unknown - the whole of the affair including all the erasures and murders - at the end of the day - must appear like nothing happen and the world of Dust itself must be restored to Imperial records (IE like nothing ever happened - thus a Black Op)


When the players land and investigate the moon-city


They find out


Most of the native born humans herein like their serf predecessors on Dust itself are unaware of space travel, the Mechanicus and the Imperium...

Most of the native born humans are unawakend psykers

The population herein is ruled by warring Mega Corps

The "spice" went awry and changed something called T.O.V. (techno organic virus - again something I took from the visuals from the anime Akira)


They still don't know who's in charge - and thus who to blame / strike (aka Head of the snake type of deal)


The players have somewhat prepped the world (aka moon-city) for a secret surgical strike by theri Inquisitor and whatever "army" or force she's able to bring...


And now that explains the depth of the situation - and thus my question - what type of force would be appropriate herein (especially since I have 40k versed players in my group - I'd ideally like to deliver on their fluff expectations)


That third task - prep the world can be accomplished in one of three ways;


a. Socially

b. Environmentally

c. or via Combat


If the world isn't prepped - then the incoming strike force will be destoryed and the players / group will fail the mission unless they can somehow on the 11th hour find the snake's head / kill it / and somehow escape out of dodge undetected




So the players met with an agent of Mars aka a "monitor" who's sole purpose was to watch over the Dust fiasco - when Dust failed and the project was migrated to Respite (aka the moon-city sprawl) - the "monitor" had assets in place on the moon city and in the decades to follow insulated himself into the Megacorp culture structure of the people therein (IE became a corporate head - who unknowing to the humans is AdMech)


So we have the following factions on Respite from Mars


a. The Hidden Masters (Mars Insurrectionists)

b. The Monitor (Mars standing unknown ???)

c. XYZ Faction (Mars Loyalists)


And that's the very basics of our tale aka FIRST ADVENTURE for my little DH2 group


Analogs: Dark City, Akira, Shadowrun/Cyberpunk, Dune, Marvel Comics, and most importantly Mutant Chronicles!


Thoughts on our upcoming Inquisitorial strike force?



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Well, I would be looking at using a RT who has a deal with the Inquistor, using some of his house troops, backed by Stormtroopers and SOB if you can swing them.  Of course part of the issue is how small of a footprint the Inquistor wishes to leave behind. 


But is there a "Government Seat" that the incoming force can takeover?  Or Do they have to take all the Megacorps?


Can the ground team turn the PDF and Enforcers to theirside? 

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PDF or what could be considered PDF is fractional - IE Megacorp fights against Megacorp in what have been deemed "Doomsday" events aka World Wars - tho primitive by Imperial standards the native population has a Tech Level on parr with "Cyberpunk / Shadowrun" even including very-basic Mechs... The collectively have a treaty or accord with is reinforced by their governing body - The Cartel (think Corporate Congress or Senate) - this "body" ensures another Doomsday doesn't occur. The war focused Tech has gotten so "vulgar" in aspect that another DD will surely result in total ruin / collapse aka Chaos wins this world - LOL


On top of that - there are those in "the know" of a local native bent - those vested with authority who wish to continue the status quo as it benefits them.


What I think will happen is the RT will move the Inquisitor's "strike force" for her but will not dedicate forces of his own to the mission (you know that ol 40k twist lol). That will help create uncertainty as the player's learn of this ally RT patron.


The PDF could be swayed to the player's side if they interact "well" with the local religious body "The Brotherhood" which is a shadow of the creed based faith we all know and recognize - but in this case all are awakened psykers and have adjusted the creed into one born more of math - the ultimate expression of "order" - its how they stay untainted since they don't have the actual teachings or litany to follow the Ecclesiarchy in the "proper" manner LOL...


That religious body here on Respite "raises" all the world's young - humans born are all immediately put into their orphanages and raised to 18 then assigned a "role" and then thusly "freed" and given over to the "adult" world / society at large. They do so in order to weed out any mutants or psykers of particularly baleful nature - it is because of this "secret" reality that all bend their knee to the Brotherhood.


At the end of the day Operation Deliverance is - from outside - to appear as if nothing ever occurred in the first place - thus a black op. In essence rein in the world and censure all record of renegade intent - FIN



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