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Armada Inventory Spreadsheet

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I don't know if anyone else would find this necessary or even desirable, but here is a spreadsheet that I borrowed the format from Any2Cards from his Xwing spreadsheet and made an Armada inventory spreadsheet.

I haven't seen another Armada inventory thing, so I made this.


Version 1.0 - if you use it and it needs changes, please feel free to let me know.


The Link:https://docs.google....bd8PZcXxWU/edit


New link for version 1.1

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You might have to download it to your local computer.

Then enable editing.

There aren't ANY macros, just basic formulas (no viruses).


Please let me know - I might not have "shared" it correctly.


It was done in Excel 2013 - so you might have to have Excel 2007 or later.


Also I used Fabs fleet generator (http://armada.fabpsb.net/gindex.php) for the lists (nod to that great work) and it might have been Josuf who originally made the X-wing spreadsheet.

Just trying to give credit where due.

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could do with an extra column for adhoc items. i have extras of some fighters and have given away some upgrades to people who needed them.

couldn't put any figures in the form at work but that may be work software blocking

but other wise looks good

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thank you 

Version 1.1 link with some Home One expansion officers that I missed (thank you Kiwi Rat)


The link:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fcQW30QOSHCEmYAyBrTDP8-S5S4Bgh7KXbd8PZcXxWU/edit


I'll look into adhoc.

You want to reduce what you have and add others?

(i.e. I traded 2 x-wings for a couple of upgrade cards?)

and have the spreadsheet reflect that?


I've seen something like that somewhere else, I'll look.

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10 hours ago, Abigroot said:

I see that this spreadsheet has not been updated in a LONG time. Figured I should try to update it being as I am just getting into the game and have a sizable inventory already.


Thanks for your work, but I don't seem to be able to access it. 

It looks like you tried to attach the file directly to your post.  Generally, that's an unreliable way to share them on this forum.  The best way is to just host them somewhere else like Dropbox or Google Drive or OneDrive, make it public, and then post a link.

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Isn't all the information in 1 sheet a little bit ... confusing?

At the Armada:wiki you may find all answers to sprecific questions easier and faster? There are overviews for ship stats and squadron stats available. There you can search/filter for sprecifique waves to see which Expansions came at which time or take a look at "Products" for an overview and at mainpage for a timeline.

Each upgrade has its own page. There under the heading "Available Through" you will find a list with all Expansion Packs that hold this sqecific upgrade card. Same for every squadron or ship in play. I also began to list prizes but that's not complete.

If you want, you can even search/filter for specific backgrounds to see which Armada product have their origin in OT, PT, EU, stand-alone films or TV-shows.

So for all questions like: Where do I get this card? Which wave was this ship? Which upgrades are in which Expansion? Where comes this name from? Which squadrons have more than 1 die anti-ship? Which ships have which upgrade slots, which movement charts? ... you will find your anser after a quick search at the Star Wars Armada wiki.

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