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Monday Night Gaming - Imperial Assault Campaign

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Hi all,


Monday Night Gaming is going to be featuring a slow burn Imperial Assault campaign and I thought it would be fun to get input form the viewers on what heroes we play and stuff like that.

To that end I have two straw polls up asking which Heroes we should play and which Imperial Class Deck we should use.
Voting for the Heroes is now closed

Voting for the Class Deck is now closed


I will endeavor to keep this thread updated, post pictures of any painting and will link the vods once they are done.

Thanks for voting all!


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With the voting now closed, after over 300 votes here are the results.


The Rebel Heroes for the MNG campaign will be;

  1. Davith Elso who took an early lead and held it through the entire vote.  Finishing with 14% and 42 individual votes.
  2. Gideon Argus made a late comeback surging up from the mid table to finish second with 26 votes.
  3. Loku Kanoloa came out of no where overnight to tie for 3rd place with 9% of the vote and 25 votes.
  4. Murne Rin fills out the squad having been there or there about for the entire vote with 9% and 25 votes.


Honorable mention goes to Saska Teft who was right up there all day yesterday but support for her fell off over night as I assume people stopped trolling (although I did vote for here :P) Mak and Jyn were joint last with 5% and as much as I was hoping to get to paint Biv he finished in the mid table with 20 votes.


The Imperial Class Deck was a closer run affair with me having to cast the deciding vote before I closed the poll.


Inspiring Leadership was tied with Military Might for first place with Armored Onslaught in 3rd, after I cast my vote we will be using:


  • Inspiring Leadership

Thanks to everyone who voted, I honestly had fun checking the polls to see how they were changing throughout the day.

 I now have to paint 3 of the 4 heroes chosen and have no idea how I want to paint Loku (thanks for that...)


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