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"Limit once per phase"

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Yes. Any "limit once per X" is checked per card, so you can trigger it multiple times per X if you have multiple copies. The exception is if X is "game", when the limit is checked per player instead.


Well, I can think of 1 exception to this. Only one copy of Desperate Alliance can be played by the group each phase.


Desperate Alliance

Action: Choose a hero you control. Until the end of the phase, give control of that hero and all resources in that hero's resource pool to another player. (Limit 1 per phase.)


The “limit once per phase” on Desperate Alliance should be treated as “limit 1 Desperate Alliance per phase.” That limit is for all players so that only 1 copy of the event can be played by a player group in a phase.




I think for the sake of consistency Desperate Alliance should be errata'd to use language similar to Tighten our Belts: "Only once copy of X can be played by the players each Y".

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Yeah, I think the same applies to Heavy Stroke as well, but those are really cases of them getting the phrasing wrong rather than the phrasing meaning something different Any event which says "Limit once per phase" should actually say "Only one copy of X can be played by the players each phase" because by how they've defined such limits, "Limit once per phase" would be entirely meaningless for an event.

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