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Gregor Eisenhorn

Keeping the Community Together

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Apologies for the cross-posting. I'm posting this message on the General Discussion page of each of the 40kRPG lines to hit as large a target audience as possible and give our games the best chance possible at survival into the future.


So we've all had some time to digest the fact that FFG and Games Workshop are parting ways which means an end to our beloved games for the foreseeable future (there's been no news yet as to whether anyone will pick up the license).


Still, all is not lost. Niche games like ours usually tend to last for a very long time after they cease to be in print and the universe is popular enough that with resources like roll20 to facilitate games, we'll be able to keep these games going and attract new members for as long as we are interested in playing. Unfortunately however, these forums themselves will eventually be archived but several of us have already begun moving ourselves and our content to two new places, to keep things going. These are:


1. The 40kRPG subreddit. This is a good place to keep discussing all things 40kRPG related as well as be our face on reddit and perhaps be a platform to help recruit new players.


2. Roll for Heresy. This website is serving as the main replacement to these forums as well as the replacement to Dark Reign. We already have a lot of homebrew, fan-made content that's worth checking out and we'd love to have more. If you haven't already, we'd love for you to sign up and start posting there so we can keep the community going after this place closes down. There's a lot of good fan made content here on the FFG forums and it would be a shame to lose it, so if you have anything that you've posted here, please feel free to port it over to Roll for Heresy before popping in and saying hi!


The future may be bleak for official content as things currently stand, but things are looking bright for fan made content as there's a good amount of us willing to keep these games alive. Come join us!

All the best,



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I would like to piggy-back on this thread, if that is OK. I plan to do so in the other 40k RPG forums as well. This concerns those dedicated Play-by-Post people out there who are going to need to get their RPG fix.


Myself and two other players moderate a PbP forum over at http://rpng.freeforums.org


It is a really tight knit community with members in active games that can see updates daily. There is a lot of communication between GMs and players and currently we have an Only War game, two Dark Heresy 2 games, a Rogue Trader game and a Deathwatch game. All are active but we also have other RPGs being ran as well. There is a forum dedicated to house rules and homebrew gear as well as a place to just shoot the sh*t and talk.


Anyone is welcome to come and check out the site as long as you are respectful to the other members there and dedicated to checking-in for updates as regularly as your GM dictates (if you are in a game). We like to shoot for daily, but that can't always happen, sadly.


Anyways, I thought I would throw that out there to help keep the 40k RPG dream alive. Take care, everyone. It's been a blast.

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