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A summary of our last session! A heartbreaking tale of love, betrayal, and turmoil.

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We began today's session controlling the fires which had erupted on the mag-rail's tram; some piece of technology aboard had exploded, either by sabotage or malfunction. Following that we journeyed south (while Enginseer Tulley repaired the tram) to investigate the dark and ruinous energies. We soon discovered that is was a foul technomancy at place; a melding of machine and malignancy being formed into the corpse of a baby (who we now know to be the son of the "Mech Reaver's Boss"... Or so we suspect...).


The baby came to life, but the abomination was immediately immolated and crushed into ashes. The crew working working on the child; one tech-priest, two chirurgeons, and one gang member, were all slain with holy fire as well.


Moving along the mag-rail, now with the tram having been repaired, Palanza Myriana exposed her Faith in the Creed by openly denying the existence of the Omnissiah. Tulley held his ground admirably.


We then arrived at our destination, the Black Sector, below the Multi-Void Shield Array and above the Engineerium. The area appeared to be damaged; poorly maintained, leaking toxic chemicals, with more Mech Reavers patrolling the area and keeping watch over the working servo-skulls & servitors.


We marched through unhindered, reaching the vertical tram system, but only after succeeding relatively easily to Charm and Deceive the local Mech Reavers - although it should be noted that one of them had the gut to slap Palanza's ass as she passed (something that he soon learned would not go unpunished, and that he sorrowfully regretted from that moment onward).


The elevator allowed us to ascend to the top of the station, the Astropathic Spire, but not before one door opened to reveal a room filled with party-goers and other gangers. While we waited on the last stretch, Severan suggested the archaic pass-time of "Truth or Dare", to which we all heard the rules and agreed to enjoy.


While not the most usual of activities for Throne Agents of the Inquisition, it was enlightening, and allowed the party to more thoroughly realise each other's pasts and mindsets. Severan's family had a history of warring against Orkz; the vile creatures that they are. Erioch had never committed a crime while in his career as an Arbitrator (although he did once get a speeding ticket as a young man on his Hive World). Palanza was asked what her issue with the Omnissiah was, and she explained the untruths of it's very nature. This led to Engineer Tulley and her having a very detailed debate, added to by Erioch and Severan in their own ways, with the eventual conclusion once Erioch warned the group that questioning the knowledge and lore set down by the Ecclessiarchy - A strong heresy indeed (at least as far as Palanza was concerned.)


Something happened to Palanza during these moments of gazing into Erioch's mind. She was of course already infatuated from the moment she met him - How could she not be? He may be an older man, but he is of strong build, an ideal mate. But further than that he respected the law and the rule of the Ecclesiarchy, something which Palanza admired greatly. She fell in love.


However this was no time for thoughts of copulation or settling down. Throughout the journey Palanza had been experiencing strange warp energies which she had believed were signs of a Warp Incursion. She warped the grouped of the potential presence of daemons, and as the doors opened, they stepped forth as one unit.


The first sight was of the initial room of the Astropathic Chambers. The floor was riddled with Inverse-Hexagramatic Wards, a standard in order to weaken the veil between realities and amplify the potential of any psykers within, however it was littered with bones of the deceased. A corpse lay before the sealed entrance to the Astropathic Choir, and next to it was the Queen of Crows. Erioch leaped into action, unwilling to suffer her heresies any longer, and caved in her skull with one felling sweep of his Shock Maul.


Palanza regarded the room; bones and corpses were not an ordinary sight for such a holy chamber. As she commanded it's restoration and guided her party's hands in regards to fulfilling such a feat, the psychic potential beyond the door was waning, so they continue even more quickly. The corpses that were intact were removed to the elevator.


At this moment, Palanza focus her mind into the ritual at hand, but caught a glimpse of Erioch which led to her to refocus. A strange aura surrounded him, something which she didn't see before, a shimmering distortion in his soul-space.


Considering what this could be a sign of, she remembered: The Immaterium, The Warp itself, often disobeys the laws of reality. She regarded the original corpse which had laid beside the Queen of Crows, one that wore carapace armour and had previously wielded a shock maul, an uncanny similarity.


A vertigo was created in the warp as he soul of the deceased was no longer splintered. The Erioch that stood living before us was completely unaware that it was his bones that littered this room. Ever skull. Every carcass.


At this moment Palanza went pale and began to weep. Was the man that she had only just poured her belief into minutes before really been an illusion all along? A mirror image created by Tzeentch or one of his many disciples?


With this thought her weeping turned into whaling. She demanded - nay, ordered - Severan and Lazarus to kill Erioch at once. "You are an abomination! How dare you say that you serve in His name! I can't believe that... That I..."


Letting loose her emotions, pooling her rage and depression, she focused on him in the moment of confusion and set him alight in holy flames. Severan had taken a single shot before doubting her orders, enough to whittle down his tough hide. Lazarus attempted to shoot Palanza in the leg, to get her to cease what she was doubted, but she foresaw his disbelief and stepped out of the way. Severan began to charge at Palanza, attempting to grapple her, but again she manoeuvred into safety.


All this time Eroich begged for an explanation and refused to raise his weapon, falling to the floor in agony and reaching out to Palanza, his flesh melting away from his bones.


Enginseer Tulley ran into the fray in order to try and break her concentration, but he also failed, Palanza performing a counter-attack at the perfect moment to then flip and launch Tulley over her and across the room. Erioch burned more, his soul now leaving his body.


"Suffer not the Daemon's presence!" Palanza screamed, chanting the following to her comrades "The Daemon has many forms and you must know them all! You must tell the Daemon from his disguise and root him out from the hidden places! Trust no-one - trust not even yourself - for it is better to die in vain than to live an abomination! The zealous martyr is praised for his valour: the craven and the unready are justly abhorred!"


Palanza couldn't help herself. Her emotions and zeal had consumed her. In a moment of lost focus, Lazarus finally grappled her, threatening to beat her into unconsciousness before allowing Erioch to die without further explanation.


Erioch body was permanently scarred. His organs cooked. His lungs and heart burning with intense heat. He could due nothing but remain immobilised on the ground, damning Palanza, and the rest of the party, to an afterlife of peril.


At the moment Sevaran was about to land a blow, Palanza yielded, not wanting to make the experience any worse than it had to be. The problem with psykers, as the party would soon learn, is that they need not physical action to sustain their abilities or work The Warp without notice. As she dropped her shields to the ground and submitted to captivity, Erioch remained burning, the last of his life force snuffed from his now burn-ridden corpse.


At last, Palanza relented, dispelling the flames and leaving what was left of him in peace. Shre returned to her thoughts, her muscle strength waning and her emotions taking control, but only for a moment. For now, as far as she knew, there was a Daemon within the Chapel to be slain. The true puppet master behind this scheme.


Severan blocked her path however. She would not advance before an explanation was given. She explained that Erioch was in truth a malific entity. After a few moments of process, they advanced again as a party, however this time one member short.


Within the Chapel there were twenty-two Astropaths engaged in telepathic communication, the veil between realities at it's weakest. Enginseer Tulley translated the Techno-Lingua they were chanting in unison. "The dream must end." they commanded "The dream must end." over and over.


After examination of the Chapel and it's various compartments, not wanting to aid or disturb the ritual further, there were no signs of the Ruinous Powers. No malignant warp energies present - only that conveyed from the psy-amplifiers and the minds of the Astropaths themselves.


One of the psy-amplifiers was disabled, killing half of the Astropaths. In Palanza's eyes only, half of the chapel become aged, as if abandoned and lacking maintenance for thousands of years. Reality seemed to shift from two time periods... As if a dream, or an illusion, was being broken.


Palanza knew what this could result in if the "dream" was completely destroyed. The station could be barren, without active void shields or atmosphere, leaving them dead within minutes or even seconds. If the illusion was to be shattered, so too would their live's end.


Lazarus suggested that Palanza enter into psychic communion with them. As an Astropath herself, but more importantly a Throne Agent, she was confident that a link could be broken once established. Before any rash action was taken the outcome had to be assured.


"...The dream must end. The dream must end. The dream must end..."

Over and over the Astropaths chanted. It took a few moments for her to adjust, but Palanza managed it, her strength of will refusing to fail her. The planescape of these Astropaths has been unending. Only one astropath is still alive; maintaining, sustaining the loves of the Choir at all costs. The energies coming from the Twelth Gate, a large gas giant which the station orbits, pour themselves into the dream. The dream of the people aboard the station, the superstructure itself, and all of the creatures that we have met so far.


Drawn from The Warp, across time and space, replicas and illusions were made to sustain the dream as accurately as possible. Erioch was blissfully unaware that he and this Astropath were the last real people on board the Lavinia.


Upon closer examination the Astropath Transcendents's soul was in a state of flux, neither pure nor corrupted, their body sustained by the symbiosis with The Warp. At a broader observation, there were no energies of the Ruinous Powers within this communion, nor within any vicinity of the station. This was peaceful. There were no Astropaths to rescue from a seditious and traitorous station. What lies here in the void was a tombstone - a living psychic illusion of those who once lived here. Palanza could not determine how the people died, or how the present had come to be, but she knew that she would not do any more unnecessary damage.


Exiting the Psychic Communion, Palanza became confused. The time spent aboard the Lavinia station was not what it seemed. She sternly informed the party that they were leaving. Severan, Lazarus, and Tulley besieged her for more information - but she refused. Their goal now was to return to the Inquisitor's ship and depart from this damned place.


Before reaching the elevator, Tulley stopped Palanza with a hand on her arm, demanding that he know what was going on. All Palanza could do was look past him at Erioch corpse. She had killed him, the man that she so-quickly fell in love with.She began to weep anew, ignoring Tulley, and approached the lifeless body. A litany of the Emperor was spoken in whisper, a blessing for his soul, and a kiss placed that's opportunity was taken away by her own actions.


Upon entering the elevator, the session ended, a cliff-hangar with none but Palanza knowing what was really happening on this station.


This campaign is being made possible by our fantastic GM, Messiahcide, and his team of co-GMs. He's the founder and biggest contributor of RollForHeresy.Net which seriously helps GMs everywhere and provides a lot of material that's balanced and easy to implement into your games. He really does run his games at a professional standard, and after today's session, has made me weep tears in real life at the end of the session. The plots he writes are fantastic and I couldn't wish for a better GM.

For reference, I play the character Palanza Myriana, an Astropath-Psyker of a Hierophant nature. My other players are Serevan, Lazarus, and the beautiful Erioch. Enginseer Tulley is a supporting character played by the GM.

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