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OK not gonna pull punches here...


I am running a scenario this weekend coming up whereby one of the players in the group (a dirty psyker) is going to try by himself to infiltrate a Megacorp on/in a forgotten world. This "setting" has taken the acolytes to a continental size city scape - within that environment the natives are mostly unaware of the stars and the Imperium that awaits...


No need to get into the historic fluff - here's the situation...


This "city" I've basically based on Luna City from Mutant Chronicles - with all the factions bells and whistles - the corp the player wants to infiltrate is Cybertronic (I kno great name huh).


Lets back up a bit for those unfamiliar with MC - omitting the fluff specifics from MC - lets simplify this scenario to CyberPunk or or Shadowrun. Unlike MC I took the liberty of making the setting "feel" more like SR in that all the natives are psykers - albiet "sleepers" (same terminology and meaning as from Mage - White Wolf - I know I draw from a lot of shht LOL)... While a lucky few (prolly amounting to a million people amongst a population count of 300 million) are "awakened" and able to manifest their psyker abilities!


So this now sets the stage (like Shadowrun) whereby the natives are ruled by Corps, militarization of "magic" (aka psykers), and all the technology expected from a Cyberpunk / Shadowrun environment...


So in keeping this facet of play manageable and fast (if one player gets to do this alone he shouldn't eat up vast amounts of the group's shared play time) I wanted to break it down into THREE Challenges...




Exploration (aka Environmental)


Now I busted out the old Shadowrun Corporate Security Book and it offers all sorts of stuff I can throw at him.


Granted - the player in question has been "given" by a contact a way in via "employment" (somebody in the background hacked and got the player paperwork making our player into a new hired employee LOL) SEE BELOW




This facet of play will get the player "in the door"


a. Now it does state some sort of "implant" is expected to be installed into our new employee LOL


How would you handle that - and if your GM's mind what is the solution (i.e. the answer or workaround)


b. ok after meeting with HR and subsequent implantation - the employee is "put" into their department


Would you give the player free reign in choosing what department they get to work in?

How high up the ladder would you make the player - and if determinate on Tests - which ones or how would you assign them their "role" fairly (I'm not here to end my game by working against the players - I am a true neutral GM)


c. Security - here's the real stuff!


So the player is going to need to bypass the choiest points of security that they can identify for themselves (i.e. the weakest points)


This is where I will challenge them in x3 ways; combat, social, environmental...


It should be noted this is a 2000 XP character (thats including the first 1000 they got to spend during character creation)


What sort of Combat Challenge would you give?

What sort of Social Challenge would you give?
What sort of Environmental Challenge would you give?


Example - in reading the SR stuff - they got a section on Mag-Locks which come in four grades; Level 1, 2, 3, and 4


My thinking - if it comes to pass - a Level 1 Mag Lock herein should require a Security Test requiring one or more successes to bypass, a Level 2 Mag Lock two or more success, Level 3 three or more, and Level 4 - you guessed it four or more successes!


In this way I can "easily" convert the material in the SR book to work with Dark Heresy....


Now one could argue and say - but hey if this is truly primitive "gear" then how come our 41st milleial arses have just as hard a time bypassing shht as the native here do?!


My answer - well at least until I hear back from some of you would be - umm your characters firstly don't actuallu understand technology - you only know what certain buttons are supposed to do (like the one labled "power" or "play") otherwise the fine details and reverse engineering (if even in your mind alone) is an impossible feat unless your Mechanicus (and even that is up for debate in certain circles LOL) - thus why its just as difficult for you as these backwards natives...


Advise, Suggestions, Comments, Jokes > Let me know - this goes down this Saturday!


Ohh - why does the player want to be there > they are looking for an answer - the premise being - this city scape is lorded over by secret Mechanics masters who watch in orbit above - these masters do not want the population to know they are a grand experiment - in gist...


The player is trying to identify the big baddie for the end of the adventure - right now they (the group) don't know who's responsible for all this - and thusly who needs to be smited in the name of the Omnissiah and the Emperor!



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a. They get a free implant. Doesn't have to be god quality or anything. You also define the implant, so not crazy or anything.


b. No, they are put in a place for a reason. The place they are put would be determined by HR I'd assume.


c.1 The run of the mil security forces the place provides. Meaning menial labor armsment (pdf essentially) at the most a heavy hitter pacifier servitor.


c.2 Water cooler chat interrupted by a much higher up person. Basically testing how well they can bluff their way through corporate minutia.


c.3 Environmental security (lasers) basically an environmental puzzle of how to get around a place.


I don't know the SR stuff seems overly complicated.


Wait a minute. This is DH2. There is literally an investigation mechanic you could be using for this. Why have it be an entire mission? Each splat has a different sort of thing that they would do like this sort of deal that abstracts it. Seems like the Enemies Within one would be what you want.

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You right "Doc" this could be handled using Investigation Mechanic...


But I wanted to handle the "getting around the place" using x3 challenges - as this is a very secure (dare I say aggro) place to be in the sandbox


Granted I wanted to see - how you the community would handle this scenario (rather than me devising it all)


Just a little fun for us all on the forum



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