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[Lore] Everliving Engine

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I'm just getting into the Terrinoth mythos, and it's captivating! One card that I (and my boys) really love is the Everliving Engine from the Monuments scenario. Here's the text:


No one knows what the machine does, nor what makes it run, except that its churning somehow aids the Undying One. Its bony wheels grind in the volcanic caves beneath the ruins of Kelipa, where it is maintained by the Archlich Revik. Kelipa is only a few short miles from the edge of the mists.


On particularly quiet nights, when the wind blows in the right direction, the clacking of the Everliving Engine can be heard for miles. The farmers and woodsmen brave enough to live nearby do not sleep easily on those nights…



It gives me chills! Love it! But it got me thinking: what might the Everliving Engine be used for? I don't really want them to reveal it - it's much cooler for it to remain shrouded in mystery. But what are the rumors whispered between the villagers close to the mists? What wild ideas have risen in the minds of villagers, soldiers, and adventurers who have heard its eerie echoes?

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My supposition:


Waiqar and his original forces died and were reanimated in that fateful night when Waiqar attempted to steal the Sky Orb from Timorran Lokander. His wretched oath upon a shard of the shattered orb drew enough power to give him an army of living dead. But what of the other forces that serve with him? Did Barrow Wyrms and Wraiths and Barghests join him on that night? I doubt it. My guess is that the Everliving Engine generates the dark magic used to reanimate new forces and to maintain those that were brought back from the dead.


If that were true, though, it would be a huge target for the Daqan forces to overtake.

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