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The Lost Realms - A Fan Expansion

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So, you may have noticed that I haven't yet posted a blog update yet!

It's because I've been pondering (which takes me ages) about a name for this bonus card set, and I'm not really any nearer...

So, I thought I'd ask if anyone had any bright ideas.

My problem (apart from the fact that I overthink EVERYTHING) is that all of the ideas so far haven't clicked yet, but I'm getting closer.

Basically, the original idea was that The Realms Collection was going to be a box with 3 Endings in it, so that worked well enough as it would indeed be a box that was made to contain the three expansions.

However, since the advent of this new "Miskatonic Horror"-style expansion (i.e. expansion for expansions) it needs its own identity.


At first I came up with "The Dark Realms" which would be better for another expansion entirely, then tried "Return to the Realms" as a title, but this does not fit in with the standard naming convention for Talisman expansions, which involves calling them "The...." something.

After a bit of a brainstorm with my wife, we then came up with "The Return", as in (like above) you are returning to the three Realms.

When I went to bed last night, I was quite happy with this, and today I am back to "Mmmm.... it's not quite snappy enough"... (you can now see some of the issues with expansion creation, and this is just settling on the name!)

There was also a bit of angst over what to subtitle the thing. Is it an expansion in the normal sense? Is it just a booster? A supplement?

I came to the conclusion that it was indeed an expansion, especially in light of the naming of the Miskatonic Horror Expansion for Arkham Horror, as a lot of expansions have content that boosts other decks anyway.

The difference is that normal expansions have a particular theme, whereas this one does not...

It might be of some help if you were made aware of the artwork that I have chosen for the cover, so I'll post it below -


The artwork has been used in the expansion as a new Nether card, called The Watcher, but you'll have to wait to see it! 

I did toy with using that as the name, but again, it is not a central theme.

As an aside, using the artwork above has made me revert to the original cover artwork for The Lost Realms as the styles are so similar.


Okay then, so enough of the rambling.

Has anyone got any thoughts on the matter?

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Added more rambling...

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1 hour ago, talismanisland said:

Has anyone got any thoughts on the matter?

Yes, You should stop overthinking things :P.

The Return doesn't sound good, because the are two physical Realms + Hastur (oops, I mean the Realm that should not be called), though I understand You rather meant a different return to different things.

If I can sugest something, I rather would suggest The Restless Realms or The Unsettled Realms as a nod to the fact that You're adding stuff to the expansions that until now were completed.

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Some ideas Jon:-

The Adventure Realms (in a nod to the 2nd edition expansion)

The Black Realms

The Omega Realms (as its the last one)

The Plague Realms (as cards in it "infect" other realms)

The Leaden Realms

The Dank Realms

The Expansive Realms

The Realms of Doom

The Foreboding Realms

The Hidden Realms

The Lost Realms

The Glade Realms

and as all the above are quite dark

The Oh spring is coming look at all the lovely daffodils and little floppsy woppsy bunnie wunnies, lets tip toe through the daisies and cuddle cute little kittens, Realms


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I'm not sure that it should be The 'Anything' Realms, as it is not an expansion in its own right and that sort of thing can be saved for other ideas.

To be honest, as it is completely unofficial, I could just call it Return to the Realms and have done with it.

Maybe not even 'expansion', but Deck Supplement, or even Deck Booster, though that sounds a bit MtG.

I dunno... :huh:

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6 minutes ago, talismanisland said:

Now, I (and my wife) really like that... with the correct (British English) spelling of course!

I had two L's originally but it came back as incorrect.  lol  I play and read a fair bit of British stuff so I go both ways. For instance,  I prefer colour over color.  British spelling for a game that was originally designed in Britain is definitely the way to go! 

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12 hours ago, talismanisland said:

To be honest, as it is completely unofficial, I could just call it Return to the Realms and have done with it.

Maybe a nod to Don Rosa's "Return to Xanadu" and Return to Border (where Border is the name of all three Regions). Original Return to Xanadu was a sequel to Carl Barks' "Tralla La" where Tralla La was a name of a realm in Xanadu's Region.

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One of the disadvantages of delays when making expansions, is that sometimes the interest wanes a little.

One of the advantages of delays when making expansions, is that you get to polish everything and sometimes end up with cool bonuses like a whole new expansion in addition to the original plan.

Another advantage is that you also get a bit of time to work on other outstanding bits and pieces. Like these...


I've gone for a "combo Elf/Dwarf" vibe with the Border cards, along with a "Dwarves trying really hard to tart up something, but all they can do is angles" vibe with the Forge cards.

I hope people like them.

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